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7 reasons why people don’t seek help from a Life Coach


Whether you like it or not life is full of challenges.  There is pressure and expectation everywhere, which can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.  People often contemplate seeking the assistance from a Life Coach when they reach a critical point or suffer a traumatic event in their personal or professional life that requires help.  Some want to simply get more out of their lives, face their fears or be happier in life.  Others want to work towards goals that reflect their dreams, but are just unsure how to do it.  You may be surprised to hear that approximately 70% of [...]

7 reasons why people don’t seek help from a Life Coach2022-08-14T17:37:12+01:00

How to be happy in life?


We all aim to be happy in life, but not everyone succeeds.  It’s not about avoiding sadness, it’s being able to embrace the negativity that sometimes comes our way, while enjoying the positive things in life.  Sometimes we all wish we could be happier.  It’s a known fact that we make ourselves miserable without even realising.  We think about how things in our life didn’t turn out as we hoped.  Negative thoughts such as worry, self-judgment and fearing rejection enter our heads and stop us from moving forward. Happiness isn’t a gift from someone.  It’s not just going to fall out [...]

How to be happy in life?2022-07-31T17:50:19+01:00

6 simple ways to avoid burn out


Burn out is extremely common in today’s busy life.  There are so many distractions around us that we never really get a chance to completely switch off and recharge.   Tell tale signs of burn out are physical and emotional fatigue, insomnia, negative feelings, snapping at people and lack of focus.  Burn out isn’t just about being exhausted or stressed, it’s a deep rooted sense of disillusionment with pretty much everything in life.  You may also find that you are just going through the motions, instead of engaging in life.  It’s easy to focus on short term solutions such as taking [...]

6 simple ways to avoid burn out2022-05-15T17:24:44+01:00

How to reduce your stress today!


We all face stress of some kind in our lives, whether it’s on a personal or professional level.  It’s a well known fact that stress is related to bad or negative thoughts and feelings.  Stress is usually caused by a situation or event that puts pressure on us, or by our reaction to being placed under pressure.  Either of these situations can be very uncomfortable physically and mentally and can raise feelings such as anxiety, worry and fear.   You can’t eliminate stress completely but you can learn to recognise how it affects your mind, body and behaviour.  It shows up [...]

How to reduce your stress today!2022-04-03T16:19:34+01:00

How to avoid feeling bored or stagnant in life


Feeling like you are bored or stagnant in life is more common than you may think.  I'm working with a few clients at the moment whose life looks perfect on paper but actually feels like a stuck record.   It’s quite common to create a life that looks good on the outside and try to be what other people want, or expect you to be.  However, admitting to yourself that you’re bored or that something isn’t working means making changes and usually difficult choices.  It means accepting responsibility for the reason why you’re bored.  Most people don’t like change, so would [...]

How to avoid feeling bored or stagnant in life2022-03-13T16:30:16+00:00

How to deal with a ‘Mood Hoover’


A ‘mood hoover’ is someone who sucks the energy, life and positivity out of a person or group and replaces it with their own negative thoughts or mood.  They only have to speak to you for a short time but they will physically and mentally drain you, completely changing the atmosphere, in a bad way.  You will notice that they always complain or moan about stuff.  They will focus on the negative things in their life, but rarely the positive and nothing at all motivates them. We all have a bad day where life just seems to throw shit at us, [...]

How to deal with a ‘Mood Hoover’2022-02-27T17:00:31+00:00

The importance and benefits of self-love


What is Self-Love? It’s a fact of life that we all need love in some form in our life.  A sense of attachment and affection towards somebody or something.  Valentines day is literally everywhere you look at the minute, but I want to focus on the most important type of love; Self-Love.   Self-love is something that is quite often neglected by my clients.  They love everything around them but completely forget to love themselves.  Loving yourself enables you to look at people, things and life from a different perspective.  It’s the foundation that allows us to set boundaries, be assertive [...]

The importance and benefits of self-love2022-02-13T17:19:02+00:00

How to set meaningful goals in life


What are your goals in life?  If I asked you where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time, would you know the answer? Setting life goals gives you short term motivation and long term vision.  It may not always be easy or run smoothly, but the fact that you’re challenging yourself makes life a little bit more interesting.  Without goals you stumble around, never truly knowing where you’re going.  It’s like deciding on a destination for your holiday.  You can’t go on holiday until you know where your destination is.  Life goals are the same.  You can’t get [...]

How to set meaningful goals in life2022-02-06T16:00:58+00:00

Is work causing you unhappiness?


Work takes up a significant amount of your time and if you’re unhappy, you need to make a change.  Being unhappy at work can have a huge knock on effect to your home life.  If you’re anxious, stressed or bored at work you will almost certainly feel the same at home. Four tell tale signs you’re unhappy at work: 1.   You clock watch.  Busy eyes don’t have time to clock watch.  If you have a healthy workload it will be lunchtime before you know it. 2.   You can’t switch off.  Busy is good but it’s not good to take [...]

Is work causing you unhappiness?2022-01-16T16:49:14+00:00

Do you have a bucket list?


A bucket list is a fun and effective way of making sure you do the things you enjoy in life or visit the places you’ve always wanted to see.  How many times have you said to yourself, “one day I would love to do that”, but you’ve never actually got around to doing it?  It doesn’t have to be something outrageous or expensive, it could be something very simple.  Actively doing things you enjoy can bring excitement, contentment and happiness.  It can also help alleviate stress, therefore improving your overall physical and mental wellbeing. My first bucket list My first experience [...]

Do you have a bucket list?2021-12-30T14:47:34+00:00