6 simple ways to avoid burn out


Burn out is extremely common in today’s busy life.  There are so many distractions around us that we never really get a chance to completely switch off and recharge.  

Tell tale signs of burn out are physical and emotional fatigue, insomnia, negative feelings, snapping at people and lack of focus.  Burn out isn’t just about being exhausted or stressed, it’s a deep rooted sense of disillusionment with pretty much everything in life.  You may also find that you are just going through the motions, instead of engaging in life.  It’s easy to focus on short term solutions such as taking a holiday but this is quite often only a temporary fix.

There are some simple ways to reduce the possibility of burn out creeping in:  

Rest and relax  

This is so important for mental and physical wellbeing.  Make sure you get enough sleep, otherwise your energy levels and effectiveness will suffer.  Take time out for you.  Find something you enjoy, something that allows you to escape any negativity around you. If you don’t make time to relax, you run the risk of feeling more irritable, tired and stressed.

Make time to socialise

Spend time with people who make you smile.  Those who you will have fun with and love being around.  This will stop you from being stuck doing the same thing every day.

Device detox

Put your tablet/phone/laptop away for a few hours a day and talk to those around you.  Not only will it give your eyes a well deserved rest (especially if you spend the day looking at a computer), you will spend more quality time with your family and friends.

Take a lunch break

Don’t eat lunch at your desk.  Make sure you take at least 20 mins away from work and enjoy your lunch.  Getting some fresh air will help release some of the stresses related to work and will help you focus for the rest of the day.

Try simple meditation

Try using the Headspace app.  You can use the app anywhere, maybe on the lunch break that you are determined to take!  Try 10 minutes.  You will be surprised how refreshed you will feel afterwards.


The physical and mental benefits of exercise are huge.  Go to a gym class, go dancing, get out for a run.  Just do something physical.  The positive feelings you experience from exercising are addictive.  It will also help to clear your mind from the fog that is descending.

Put your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing first if you want to get the most out of every single day.  

What are you waiting for?  Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.



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