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Simply put, I am passionate about helping people develop themselves, improve their lives and achieve their life long dreams and goals.  It makes me smile, a lot!  My love of coaching began when I was just 17 years old.  I was taking part in a very physically and psychologically demanding course, the British Army Paratrooper Course (P Company).  It was the first time I had ever felt truly motivated and determined, not just to succeed myself, but to help others around me, in particular those who were struggling psychologically.

I’ve spent the last 30 years coaching, guiding and developing thousands of servicemen and women, to achieve their optimum level of health and fitness, increase their motivation, become more confident and improve their levels of positivity.  I’ve instructed and coached hundreds of people, whilst delivering outdoor adventurous activities that truly test their courage, confidence, emotional strength and moral character.  My 30 years of knowledge and qualifications in the fitness industry and my extensive sporting background, make me the straight talking, positive, motivated, dynamic Life Coach, I am today.



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    Before I pursued a military career, I grew up on a large Lincolnshire council estate with my younger brother and older sister, whilst being supported and loved by my mother.  My mum worked every hour she could, to ensure that we had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and at least some food on the table.  Due to her unsociable working hours, I saw little of her and grew up with very little parental guidance, which was a challenge in itself.  Times were hard during my childhood, but despite this, I always had that optimistic spirit and steadfast belief, that things would get better.  Now, I’m not saying that I always remained positive, because, the truth is, I had some very dark days, as a child.  However, looking back now, I can honestly say that those dark days gave me the vast inner strength, to always try to look to the future, no matter what life throws at you.


    At the age of 13, I had a large paper round, before going to school.  After school, I mopped supermarket floors, stacked shelves and spent the rest of the evening peeling and chopping potatoes, for the local chip shop.  I also spent 2 – 3 hours a week as a runner for the fruit and vegetable van, who used to visit the estate.  Even at this early age, I was determined to make a better life for myself.

    At 16, I joined the British Army with my cousin Melvin.  This decision was made after having a brief chat with an older gentleman who told us that the Army was really exciting, challenging and mostly outdoors.  He also mentioned that the Army gave you 3 meals a day, a uniform to wear, a roof over your head and a comfy bed.  To be honest, I was sold at the 3 meals a day, but he was `fibbing` a little, when he mentioned a comfy bed!

    Eight months after joining the Army, Melvin tragically died from a heart condition; he was only 17 years old at the time.  This sad event taught me a powerful lesson, early in life and I vowed to live my life to the maximum and always strive to be as happy and as content as possible.

    During my career, I quickly learnt how to coach and guide others to be healthy, happy and successful.  Following a stint as a Paratrooper, I qualified as a Physical Training Instructor, in 1991.  I loved the fact that I could assist others, achieve their optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.  Delivering exciting and engaging physical training sessions to work colleagues and friends, was a brilliant way to help others.

    My interest in team and individual competitive sports increased.  I trained hard and developed myself in various sports such as Athletics, Decathlon, Rugby, Boxing, Triathlon and Gymnastics and went on to represent the Armed Forces in nearly all of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the participation and ethos of team representative sports, but I also relished the personal individuality and steely eyed focus required, when you’re a lone boxer in the boxing ring.  Coincidently, my own psychology when alone in the boxing ring, with just the referee and the other boxer, was at its infinite peak at this time.  I never ever allowed myself to contemplate losing.  The thought wasn’t allowed to enter my mind, and I retired from the boxing ring years later as an undefeated heavy weight boxing champion.  The thought of failure in front of my friends, family and work colleagues was a huge motivator for me.


    Testing and challenging myself `out of my comfort zone` led me to Adventurous Training activities.  These expeditions took me to some amazing places, where I learnt how to Free-fall Skydive, Rock Climb, Sea & Inland Kayak, Sub Aqua Dive and Mountain bike.  It was during these expeditions that I quickly recognised the huge psychological and confidence boosting potential, that could be gained whilst participating.  I had a thirst to learn more and not being content with just participating, I wanted to use them as a developmental tool for others, as an instructor.


    I started my career as a Private Soldier and after moving through the ranks, I retired from service as a Commissioned Officer (Captain), which was a huge achievement and one I never dreamed imaginable.  During my whole Army career I always made it my personal passion and professional mission to help everyone around me to stay motivated, confident, positive and as physically fit and healthy as possible.  I wanted every serviceman and woman to be fully prepared, when deploying to areas of conflict.  I’ve faced almost all of my fears and strengthened as many of my weaknesses as possible, in order to be successful.


    During my life and 30 year career, I have experienced many challenging times, with huge emotional ups and downs, but throughout all of it, I always found a way and pulled through. These include issues relating to:

    • Confidence.
    • Motivation.
    • Positivity & Negativity.
    • Optimism & Pessimism.
    • Achievement & Failure.
    • Personal Bereavement & Loss.
    • Relationships, Parenting and Divorce.
    • Families.
    • Depression.
    • Bullying.
    • Enjoyment.
    • Disappointment.
    • Promotion & Success.
    • Anxiety & Stress.
    • Good Health.
    • Poor health & Major surgery.

    Whether I’ve personally experienced these examples, or have helped others deal with them, I am confident that I can help my clients move forward.  I’ve been there and I know how hard life can be at times and how difficult it can be to try and find a way to move onto bigger and better things, both physically and mentally.  It’s this in built ability I want to use, to help my clients succeed in achieving their life aims and goals.  I am grateful for all of the lessons and experiences I’ve had in my life, as they have grounded me.  When I look back, these lessons are chapters in a book, placed on the memory shelf, ready for future reference, if required.  Every one of the amazing and not so amazing events in my life, has made me the positive, motivated, confident, enthusiastic, fit and healthy person, I am today.


    I feel that my life experiences have grounded me and enabled me to see clearly. They have given me the fuel to really love living life, with happiness and exuberance. I love the outdoors, the entire natural world that surrounds us, and fully appreciate every breath of fresh air, we are given.


    Life shouldn’t be a constant struggle, however, at times it can feel exactly that.

    I can help YOU move forward and I will make it my personal mission to coach and guide YOU, so that YOU can succeed in your personal and professional life, face those challenges and achieve those goals and dreams.  I will coach and empower YOU to believe in yourself, to believe in who YOU are, and guide YOU to take control of your own happiness and destiny.

    My personal adversities have taught me that life is all about,

    “Your State of Mind,”

    and if you’re armed with the correct tailored guidance and advice, you can achieve absolutely anything with,

    “The Right State of Mind.”

    Chris - Life Coaching


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