I was in a bit of a bind with old eating habits and thought I was making good food choices to enhance my training and fat loss programme.  I’d started training really hard again but constantly felt bloated, and I knew deep down that the food I was putting in wasn’t the fuel my body actually needed.  I’ve worked closely with Chris before and knew he was a subject matter expert in the nutrition field so I naturally went to him for advice and guidance.  Until this point I didn’t realise what I was doing wrong and how badly it was affecting my progress.

Chris assessed what my current intake of food was and explained where I was going wrong and why I wasn’t losing the fat I desired, or why my performance wasn’t increasing in line with my training programme.  He broke the nutrition I required down into simple and understandable terms and provided me with the best course of action which would not only enhance my fat loss and increase my performance but also realign my mind, brain and body.  Basically, I needed to adjust my eating habits and the choices in sources of fuel that matched my blood type.

Initially it was very difficult because it was the complete removal of sugars and bread which were a constant in my previous diet.  Chris encouraged me to stick with it as it would pay off and WOW, did it ever!  Two weeks into the shift I noticed that I felt different in myself.  I felt well from head to toe, I felt so much more awake, more present and literally full of energy.  These were things I hadn’t felt for as long as I can remember, not to mention the body fat loss and increased physical performance.

I’m now 6 weeks in and feeling much better as a result of Chris’s guidance and expert advice.  

Thanks Chris, I’m a convert for sure 💪🏻

Ross Smith, Personal Coach

About two months ago I was in a very dark place indeed and really didn’t like myself very much.  I was constantly feeling sorry for myself, I had zero confidence and I was full of self loathing, with no bright outlook and afraid of the future.  I was having a lot of panic attacks, suffered with severe anxiety and had basically given up.  I seemed to be going over and over a lot of things and couldn’t seem to get any clarity in my thoughts, feelings or mind.  Without a doubt, I had to admit to myself, I was slowly having a breakdown.  It all came to a head when I found myself walking into my garage standing there sobbing my eyes out and really didn’t want to go on.  It was at this lowest point that I knew I had to do something.  My 15 year old son lives with me so I really had to pull myself back from this dark place.  I needed to be here for my son, daughter and all of my family who I love more than life. 

I’d seen a lot of posts & bloggs that Chris Oakes of Oax Life Coaching had put on social media and I had also heard a lot of great things about what he was doing for others and wondered if he could help me.  I spent a week wanting to send him a message but kept deleting it.  I finally took the step and contacted him and we arranged to meet.  On the way to meet Chris I was constantly telling myself that there’s no way he can help me and I’d never be able to open up to him.  When I walked in to meet him I sat down and he explained what he’s about and what he does.  I just listened and I could feel myself relaxing.  It was at that moment that I knew this man could help me.  Within 10 minutes I was opening up to him, telling him things that I’d locked away in the back of my mind for years.  Things that I’d beaten myself up about for as long as I can remember.  Don’t get me wrong I have always talked to my family about things and they have always been there for me and are simply amazing, but sometimes you need to talk to someone outside the family.  

Chris slowly broke down my barriers with each session we would concentrate on a particular issue in my mind.  I was slowly getting back to the old me.  The man who laughed a lot and made other people laugh.  The man who enjoyed life.  It’s a long path to walk to get back to your old self or where you want to be, but with this amazing man’s help I’ve totally changed my outlook on life.  I eat better, I go to the gym regularly, I go for walks on my own to clear my mind and I do things for me.  I’m no longer a yes man if I don’t want to do something.  I simply just don’t do it and one of the biggest mindset changes is that I really have stopped worrying about what other people think.

I’ve gone from strength to strength and I’m finally loving life thanks to Chris.  

Jonathan Hodgkinson, Tyre Engineer Specialist

I’ve always been an avid runner and fitness fanatic, but following a couple of injuries I had found that I was making excuses not to exercise and my diet was also suffering.  I decided it was time to make a change and sought out Chris, who I’d heard was doing great things with a new life coaching business.  I had my initial consultation with Chris in September 2018 and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and enthusiasm; I was hooked!

I’d initially asked Chris to be an accountability coach for me; he set up specific training programmes for me to follow but made it easy enough so I wasn’t overwhelmed, and we made some goals to set my diet back on track. Easy peesey….or so I thought.

Within the first few sessions, Chris had me sussed.  I didn’t need accountability, I needed a mass of life coaching!  Unbeknownst to me, I was an utter mess.  What I had put down to being scared of injuring myself was really only a tiny part of my issue.

I had had some difficulties and had been in a deep depression in the 2yrs prior to meeting Chris.  I’d pulled myself out of it…..hadn’t I??  Well not quite……I’d assumed that because I was feeling ‘in a better place’ I had no underlying issues at all.  That wasn’t the case.  There were so many things that were still affecting me – the knocks in my confidence, the doubt in my abilities, the lack of self worth…….the list goes on.

Throughout our sessions, Chris would pull out meanings in what I was saying and made me realise some home truths.  I was putting additional pressures on myself, adding stresses that didn’t need to be there.  I was constantly trying to please everybody else, never putting myself first……never really giving myself any consideration at all.

In our last session, Chris asked me if we had achieved what I had wanted to achieve.  The simple answer was no…but it’s not that simple….we didn’t achieve what ‘I’ had wanted to, we achieved so much more!!!!!

I can honestly say that without Chis’ help, I would still be thinking I was in a training rut, but instead I am working on building my confidence, minimising my self-induced pressures but mostly, putting ‘me’ first.  And guess what??  Without working on the accountability that I was so sure I needed, I’m back to training 5-6 days a week!  What does that tell you? 

Mindfulness matters and as a life coach, I can’t thank Chris enough for the progress I have made in the last 9 months.

Name withheld, Senior Project Manager

I have a condition called Lupus, which basically means I suffer from chronic pain, in pretty much every joint in my body, every single day. I constantly felt troubled and was looking back I was almost in a desperate depressive state.

I was comfort eating and my body frame and weight were becoming too much to bare. I had previously had personal trainers and tried following various exercise routines to try and sort my fitness and health out, but none of them had worked.

I had heard of a Health & Fitness coach called Chris and had watched numerous videos of him doing his 30 day Fitness Programmes on YouTube. It was at this point that I gave him a call and we agreed to meet up.

After our initial consultation I knew Chris would be the one to help me. He assessed my physical capabilities during our initial consultation so we had a base line to start from. Chris tailored a weekly fitness programme for me, within the constraints of my condition. He was also excellent at adapting the training to my pain levels, if I was having a bad day. He analysed my diet and nutrition and carefully guided me towards making the right decisions, to fuel my body for the training programme. If I had any questions or just needed a little nudge in the right direction, he was always at the end of the phone.

6 weeks into Chris’s tailored programme I find myself an absolutely different person. I am full of energy, I am building my strength and overall fitness like never before and the amazing bit is, that I have lost 1.6 Stone in just 39 days. I absolutely cannot believe that I used to walk around carrying all that extra weight!

Chris has not only changed my body frame and outlook on healthy eating, he has used Life Coaching techniques during our sessions to motivate me and to make sure I remained focussed. He believed in me from the first second he met me and he has given me the confidence and self belief that I have lacked for a long time. I continue to train with Chris and look I forward to our weekly sessions

I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.

James Kimmings, Student

I would like to express how truly grateful I am to Chris Oakes for the Life Coaching he has given me. He has helped me identify the root cause off all of my current difficulties. He has guided me through an incredibly difficult time in my life and with his methods, he has enabled me to move forward, with positivity and self belief.

Throughout our sessions Chris was empathetic, professional, patient and compassionate towards my sensitivities, whilst being extremely proactive and challenging too.

Chris has helped me identify my own personal needs which has helped me learn how to deal with my anxiety, whilst building back my self esteem, inner self confidence and self belief.

I have so much more confidence now and Chris has empowered me to evaluate and assess difficult and challenging situations and how best to effectively and positively react to them. He has helped me understand that I do not necessarily have the option to change those situations, but if required, I have the confidence to walk away from those things that just don’t feel right!

I know there will always be a “what if”, but it’s the fact that I can now confidently deal with challenges and difficult instances, that really counts to me.

Chris has made me think so much more logically and I am now fully in control of my own thought processes, something that has been missing for a long time.

Jo Merryweather, BA Cabin Crew

In 2008 & 2012, I ran the London marathon. Fast forward three years and I had become obese and had very low motivation and self esteem. Having always been very fit and active in the past, feeling this low mentally and physically was very unfamiliar territory to me. I was going home from work, falling asleep on the sofa because I just had absolutely no motivation in me. My low self confidence meant that I started to lose touch with friends and lacked even the smallest of motivation to make the effort with friends and family.

During January 2018, I took notice of Chris’s daily motivational Fitness video’s on YouTube and the Facebook posts he was putting out. Having known of Chris, I thought maybe he could be the one to help me and give me a kick start back into shape. I contacted Chris to meet up to see if he could and would help me. I decided to sign up for six weeks of life coaching and fitness guidance and advice. Even after our initial consultation Chris made me feel buzzing and so motivated to get started.

As a proud man, I was not being honest with myself and I was also keeping all the stress to myself inside and certainly not feeling like I was able to talk to other people about how I was feeling. After the first week of Life Coaching sessions with Chris, I opened up more to my wife about how I actually felt about myself, than I have ever done before.

Chris quickly recognised that my Motivation, Confidence & Positivity were hugely linked to my low levels of Health & Fitness. He immediately started me on a tailored health and fitness programme, along with specific diet plans. He also asked me to discuss my life goals with my family, as home work. I looked forward to my weekly Life Coaching and Fitness sessions with Chris. He enabled me to totally change my own mindset and I felt so positive.

Over the next six weeks I started to notice my physique changing but more importantly, my motivation and confidence were coming back. Now fast forward 6 weeks and I’m now able to run 4 miles ‘non-stop’ and I feel so positive again. I’ve even shedded over 1 1/4 stone in body weight, in just 35 days. Bearing in mind when I first met Chris, I struggled to walk fast, without getting out of breath.

Chris, I really can’t thank you enough buddy as I would still be sat on that sofa falling asleep, getting obese, if it wasn’t for you.

For anyone who is in the same situation as I was or you are thinking about signing up for any of the Life Coaching or Fitness, I can’t recommend Chris from OAX Life Coaching highly enough – you will absolutely not regret it!

I feel positive and know that I am on a long journey, but one that I am so excited to be embarking upon.

I now have targets that I have set myself for this year and the next. I’m still continuing the journey with Chris and I feel more motivated than ever. Chris has not only been my coach but he has become a true friend, where he continually demonstrates how much he cares by the messages and posts he sends to me.

Thanks again Chris, you’re a top man and as the journey continues, I’m already looking forward to our next session.

Nick Johnson, Electrician
I am a currently the Managing Director (MD) of a number of businesses based in Birmingham and I was experiencing some particularly stressful situations with staff, who were working as my employees.  I discussed the issues I was experiencing with Chris from OAX Life Coaching and he guided me toward making some sound and very effective staff management mechanism changes.  The stresses and situations that were there, simply became challenges that I fully understood needed to addressed.  Having his experienced business management guidance and coaching was perfect.  His coaching made the stresses disappear and I am now able to have greater clarity on what is required of me as MD of my multi establishment company. 
Chris was so approachable and inspirational and he empowered me to make the changes that were required.  I can strongly reccomend anyone who may be currently experiencing management problems, situations or stresses in their own businesses to contact ‘Chris’ from OAXlifecoaching.com .
P. King, Anonymous Business Owner

I was at a point in both my professional and personal life, where I found that I was unable to flourish and further develop my career and myself.  I was experiencing various stresses, both at work and at home, which were drastically affecting my whole personality and wellbeing.  That’s when I sought the guidance of Chris, at OAX Life Coaching.

Chris and I connected immediately and after just a few quality sessions, he was able to help me find clarity and structure, by identifying the stresses in my life, but more importantly he taught me how to deal with them.  Just the chat we had about self-induced stresses was a revelation to me and made me instantly calmer. As a life coach, mentor and role model, he gave me endless support, confidence and the motivation required to move my life forward, in a more positive way.  The things I thought were big, were simple and the anxieties paled into insignificance, during our sessions.

My every day stresses seem to calm down, instantly overnight and my quality of life blossomed, for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. I now have a truly supportive friend for life in Chris and I know that he will always be there to guide and support me, in whatever I wish to accomplish in my life and future. Thank you so much for everything, but most of all, thank you for your care.

Melanie Lynch, Self Employed Business Entrepreneur

I’m a 29 year old professional in the fitness industry and I just seem to be cruising through life.  Things at work are OK and my family life is what is really keeps me going, however, I really yearn to achieve more for both my family and myself, but I just didn’t know what to do or how to do it.I wanted to move further with my career, earn more to support my family etc but found I wasn’t moving forwards as quickly as I wanted to.  Time was just ebbing by and I would get envious of seeing those around me achieving more in their own lives.

I made contact with Chris from OAX Life Coaching and we discussed everything over a few enlightening sessions.  He was able to quickly help me realise where I needed to concentrate all my efforts.  I discovered that in order for me to start achieving, I had to pin down my life aims and goals. I didn’t even realise that I had goals and aims, especially as these seemed to be the root cause of the problem. The real, open and honest feedback that he gave me was brilliant and such a breath of fresh air.  The confidence and self-belief he instilled in me is overwhelming and I will never ever look back from this day forward. Huge thanks.

Chris Pennington, Fitness Industry Professional

I was continuously struggling with my health, mainly due to the fact that I was experiencing bowl pains and gastric problems, on a daily basis. A good friend recommended that Chris from OAX Life Coaching may be able to help.

During our Health & Fitness sessions we looked closely at my personal diet and my daily activity and he quickly identified areas and food sources that were most likely the cause of my discomforts. He specifically tailored my daily nutritional intake and gave me some sound guidance for suggested activity that I should consider undertaking. I started feeling better almost immediately, and I am now back to my ideal weight, I have higher energy and vitality levels than ever before, but more importantly, I no longer have the bowl and gastric pains I used to have.  I am still amazed at the results. I continue to highly recommend Chris to all my friends and family for anything relating to Health, Fitness & Happiness. Thank You.

Brenda Jefferson, Retired Health Care Worker

I sought the guidance and advice of Chris after hearing about him from a friend at work.  They mentioned how he had very simply helped them realise where they were going wrong, in their own lives.  With this in mind I contacted him to see if he could help me.  My health wasn’t the best and I couldn’t seem to kick the smoking habit either.  Chris discussed everything in detail and he made me realise where things were potentially going wrong. With a few coaching sessions I started to iron out all the problem areas, including kicking the smoking habit.  My energy levels and vitality have gone off the scale and I feel so much more positive about the world and life now. I’ve a friend for life in Chris and would just like to say a huge thank you not just from me, but from my children too.

David Taylor, Civil Management Engineer


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