5 ways to avoid killing your potential

//5 ways to avoid killing your potential

5 ways to avoid killing your potential


So many people go through life and never achieve their potential or realise their dreams.  Usually it’s down to a lack of self belief or even self sabotage.  The good news is that you can avoid this!

5 ways to avoid killing your potential:

1. Don’t wait until you feel ready.  If you keep thinking ‘I’m not ready’, you will never ever give something a go.  Give yourself a good talking to and get on with whatever ‘it’ is.  Nothing is achieved in life without change or upheaval.  You will never 100% feel ready, but just go for it anyway.

2. Don’t believe in overnight success.  It doesn’t exist!!  Success is the result of everything you have done in your life right up to the moment you decide to go for it.  Believe in yourself!

3. Stop talking, get doing.  Talking about what you’re going to do is just wasting time.  Focus your energy on DOING instead of TALKING.  Just simply get on with it.  

4. Don’t go it alone.  Change is hard and it’s made even harder if you try to do it alone.  Get some advice from people you trust.  Find support groups or join a class that will help you achieve your potential.  Learn from like minded people.  You may make some new friends along the way!

5. Give yourself credit.  Would you congratulate your friend if they achieved something?  Of course you would, so why not give yourself credit?  Being tough on yourself will not motivate you to keep going.  It will more than likely have the opposite effect, so stop being self critical and start being complimentary.

We all have the potential to do something amazing!  So get up, shut up and get on with it!  

Remember every single second is just another opportunity wasted.


Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.


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