Sometimes you need Mind over Matter to succeed!

//Sometimes you need Mind over Matter to succeed!

Sometimes you need Mind over Matter to succeed!


Mind over matter is the extreme urge and willpower to fight against all the odds, even in the hardest of situations.  It can be anything from climbing Mount Everest, learning something new or even remaining calm in a moment of adversity.  Sometimes our bodies just want to give up but something in our mind tells us to keep going, no matter what.  This to me is mind over matter. 

One of my clients, Joe, is the perfect example of applying mind over matter to achieve his aim.  Joe was 28 stone and did everything he could to try and lose weight.  He tried his best to get fit, strong and healthy by following different diets and exercises plans.  Joe’s boss recognised the effort he was putting in to get in a better place but that he was getting beaten down by the lack of success.  Realising Joe would benefit from not only specialist health and fitness guidance, but mindset re-programming, his boss asked if I could help.

When we first met, Joe admitted that he was completely confused and overwhelmed about what he actually needed to do to see results.  This was purely down to the amount of fitness fads and weight loss programmes he had been told to try by well meaning people, but nothing ever worked for him.

As soon as I met Joe I knew I could help him get to a better place.  One of the main factors in his transformation was focussing on training Joe’s mindset, and to give him clear health, fitness and nutrition education and goals.  I knew that once he grasped the facts the rest would be down to his will and desire, which he had in abundance.  Put this with my continuous motivation, confidence work and accountability coaching, the sky was the limit for Joe.

Fast forward 12+ weeks and Joe is now 4 stone lighter and 300% stronger in his muscle strength, bones and joints.  Yep, you read that right, 4 stone lighter and 300% stronger!  Despite building muscle (that weighs heavier than fat) he has still managed to get rid of 4 stone in weight, but more importantly he has done it naturally, gradually and in a healthy way.  No fad diets.  No fad fitness regimes.  Just pure hard work, focus and determination.

His entire body frame has changed.  

His mindset has changed.  

His determination and self discipline have changed.  

His whole outlook and coping mechanisms have changed.  

He now looks forward with positivity to the healthy future he has at work, but more importantly as a daddy to his lovely daughter Jennifer.

The hard work was purely down to Joe, but it’s also important to highlight that his boss noticed he was trying, but struggling, and 100% supported him in this journey.  As a boss that trait is priceless.  The loyalty and dedication this act gives your employees is unmeasurable, so a massive ‘well done’ to both of you for believing in Joe but also to Joe for wanting to change for the better.

Taking action means that you’ve made a conscious decision to take responsibility for yourself.  Life will be far more enjoyable if you’re proud of who you are as a person.

Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.


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