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Key ingredients to a lasting relationship


Every relationship has different needs and there is absolutely no one size fits all solution. It takes time, effort, and patience to build and maintain a healthy relationship but I want to share the 7 things that I think are important: ✅ UNDERSTANDING: We all have different likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Accepting each others traits in a positive way and understanding what makes the other ticks (and what doesn’t!) helps make a relationship beautiful.  ✅ COMPROMISE: It can be hard to maintain a balanced relationship all the time. At times it may feel one sided if your partner is going [...]

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Sometimes you need Mind over Matter to succeed!


Mind over matter is the extreme urge and willpower to fight against all the odds, even in the hardest of situations.  It can be anything from climbing Mount Everest, learning something new or even remaining calm in a moment of adversity.  Sometimes our bodies just want to give up but something in our mind tells us to keep going, no matter what.  This to me is mind over matter.  One of my clients, Joe, is the perfect example of applying mind over matter to achieve his aim.  Joe was 28 stone and did everything he could to try and lose weight.  [...]

Sometimes you need Mind over Matter to succeed!2023-05-21T17:57:51+01:00

5 ways to avoid killing your potential


So many people go through life and never achieve their potential or realise their dreams.  Usually it’s down to a lack of self belief or even self sabotage.  The good news is that you can avoid this! 5 ways to avoid killing your potential: 1. Don’t wait until you feel ready.  If you keep thinking ‘I’m not ready’, you will never ever give something a go.  Give yourself a good talking to and get on with whatever ‘it’ is.  Nothing is achieved in life without change or upheaval.  You will never 100% feel ready, but just go for it anyway. 2. [...]

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How to improve your self worth


Self worth is a topic that often comes up during life coaching sessions.  When I ask my clients to identify their value and self worth, they struggle to answer.  However, they can quite easily tell me when they don’t feel valued, appreciated or respected.   Self worth comes from within.  It’s a positive belief that you’re as worthy as anybody else and it can only be obtained and measured by believing that you actually deserve it (and of course you do!).  How you feel about yourself is directly related to how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat [...]

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5 ways to increase your odds of success in life


To succeed in life we sometimes have to take action to increase the odds of it happening.  Success is the result of positive habits, but also of a winning mindset.  Developing self awareness and identifying where you lack, and replacing those gaps with empowering habits, will help you succeed in your personal and professional life.  You can live your best life by making small positive tweaks, that over time add up to give incredible results. Have you ever gone out of your way to not do something? Do you feel that something is holding you back? Have you done the same [...]

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Are you struggling to make your dreams a reality?


So many people have dreams, but never take the steps needed to turn them into goals.  Ask yourself this, are you actually living your life or do you find yourself constantly daydreaming about something amazing that you want to work towards?  We all have dreams and aspirations, but did you know that almost 78% of us fail to achieve the things that we dream about?    Here are 7 reasons why you may be struggling to achieve your dreams: 1.  You have no goals – So many people have lots of dreams, but never take the steps to turn them into [...]

Are you struggling to make your dreams a reality?2022-11-27T17:25:01+00:00

Is luck the key to success and happiness?


“You’re so lucky” How many times has somebody said this to you?   Whether it’s in relation to a holiday, lifestyle, job or your health and fitness.  I find it quite frustrating to be honest.  I’ve gained all of the good things in my life from working relentlessly hard and looking after my mind and body.  It wasn’t easy.  I spent 11 years living away from my home and family, so luck never came into it.  I simply made the right choices for me, in order to live the life I want to live and I've never left anything to chance.  [...]

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Developing Mental Resilience


Mental Resilience is the ability to adapt to change and uncertainty when life throws you a curveball.  Resilience helps you remain calm and flexible during times of crisis.  It gives you the mental strength to solve problems, move forward, and remain hopeful even when you are facing setbacks.  Being resilient doesn’t mean you experience less grief, distress, or anxiety than others.  It means you use proven coping mechanisms and skills to help you get through challenging times.   The good news is that change is within us all.  By simply making a few good choices you can open up positive pathways [...]

Developing Mental Resilience2022-10-16T16:11:09+01:00

How to stop yourself from quitting


Quitting doesn’t mean you’re a failure.  It means that you need to work on your mindset and habits to stop yourself from quitting.  Our minds are used to taking the easy option; choosing to sit in front of the TV after a long day at work instead of doing some exercise or seeing friends.  We’ve evolved to avoid pain and seek comfort so when we try something new our brain freaks out a little as it recognises that what we’re doing is hard and uncomfortable.  This is when we often give ourselves permission to quit. Here are 4 common reasons why [...]

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Shit Happens!


SHIT HAPPENS We all have those days or weeks when everything goes to plan.  The sun’s shining, you’ve nailed the to do list and finally the weekend is approaching.  Nothing can take the spring out of your step or put a dampener on your day.  Then boom…. Shit happens. It just simply arrives. No warnings. It hits you like a steam train. There’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to get on with it. Sound familiar?  It’s easy to sit here and say you just have to get on with it but in reality that's hard.  The key [...]

Shit Happens!2022-09-04T20:23:52+01:00