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The menopause and supporting women through it


Firstly, I want to say how proud I am of my wife for letting me publish this blog.  It’s an extremely personal story, which has taken great courage to share. The menopause will affect every woman and yet it’s still a subject that many don’t discuss.  This is one of the main reasons Nicky decided to let me share our experience with the menopause, over the last 18 months.  She said even if 20 people read the blog, then that’s 20 women who may benefit from these tips. Due to medical issues 19 years ago, at the age of 27 my [...]

The menopause and supporting women through it2019-06-16T17:48:58+01:00

Stuck, stagnant or bored in life?


Even if your life looks perfect on paper, it’s easy to be secretly bored with it.  It’s quite common to create a life that looks good on the outside and try to be what other people want, or expect you to be.  However, admitting to yourself that you’re bored or that something isn’t working means making changes.  It means accepting responsibility.  Most people don’t like change, so would rather stay in an unhappy situation. Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: 1.   Are you stuck in a routine? 2.   Do you live within your comfort zone? 3. [...]

Stuck, stagnant or bored in life?2019-06-09T18:09:24+01:00

The importance of owning your mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes and poor choices.  Absolutely everybody.  You’re lying if you say you’ve never made a mistake.  Making mistakes are an essential part of life and I think a key factor to success in your personal and professional life.  Sometimes failure will happen because of your own mistakes, sometimes because of others.  Regardless of the reason why something failed, it’s important that you own the problem and acknowledge your role in it.  You must take ownership of your mistakes before you can learn anything from them. When I was younger, I smashed one of the ears off my mum’s favourite [...]

The importance of owning your mistakes2019-06-02T18:04:28+01:00

Ways to improve your mental health


This week has been Mental Health Awareness, focussing on Body Image.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on Body Image (here), so this week I thought I would share some of the methods that I use to improve my personal Mental Health.  Everyone, no matter who they are, will experience tough times at some point in their life.  Fact.  I went through a difficult time a few years ago, which made me realise how important it is to take care of yourself and get the most out of life. Ways to improve your Mental Health 1.   It’s okay not to [...]

Ways to improve your mental health2019-05-19T17:47:13+01:00

Start your day with a positive mindset


Having a positive mindset is key from the moment you wake up.  The way you start your day sets the tone for the whole day.  If you want a happy and positive mindset, you need to have a happy and positive start to that day.  You have 2 options from the moment you open your eyes; you can either jump out of bed and make the best of your day or you can hit the snooze button and start to dread the day ahead. Most of us live on autopilot, waking up and doing things out of habit or routine.  We [...]

Start your day with a positive mindset2019-05-05T17:50:18+01:00

How a healthy body image has improved Carl’s life


Body image can be a major contributor to your overall happiness in life.  How you view yourself has a direct bearing on your confidence and self-esteem.  Confidence and health go hand in hand.  They feed off each other.  Having a healthy body image means that you feel good about yourself and will have the confidence to try new things.  A healthy body image is crucial to self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-worth.  One of the best ways to feel good about your body is to work on having a healthy one.  Exercise and eating nutritious food will help you develop a strong and [...]

How a healthy body image has improved Carl’s life2019-04-28T16:24:13+01:00

Overcoming pride and self ego – my client’s journey


I’ve recently completed a 12 week Life Coaching programme with a client, identifying what's stopping him from taking his career to the next level.  We also worked together to create a better work/life balance for him.  My client admitted that he’s been putting things off for years and not being honest with himself.   He felt that as a man, he should be a strong leader and show no weakness, even though he felt like he was crumbling inside.  For years he struggled along in a senior position of a very reputable company and couldn’t remember the last time he jumped [...]

Overcoming pride and self ego – my client’s journey2019-04-14T17:06:36+01:00

SMART Goals and how to set them


Goals are part of every single aspect of life: what you want to achieve at work, your relationships, even the way you use your free time.  A goal can be anything that you set for yourself and work hard to achieve.  The SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound) method is one of the most effective tools to help you achieve your goals, whether they are short or long term.  If you want to climb Mount Everest, study for a degree, lose weight or run a marathon, the SMART method can easily be adapted to help you. Specific Work out exactly [...]

SMART Goals and how to set them2019-04-07T16:28:04+01:00

How to stay motivated through the seasonal change


For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, the seasonal change has started and springtime has arrived.  You can’t beat that feeling when you wake up, the birds are singing, the light is streaming through the curtains and you realise it’s still only 0700!  The seasonal change tends to give your motivation a kick start, getting rid of the lethargic feeling that winter gives you.  Push bikes are dusted off, garages are cleaned out and the garden starts to bloom after a long, cold and dreary winter.  Yippee, hibernation is over 🙂.  Now is the time to rethink those [...]

How to stay motivated through the seasonal change2019-03-31T16:52:48+01:00

Are you living a full life or are you just existing?


Do you feel as if you are living a full life?  Do you jump out of bed excited every single day?  Are you looking forward to something special?  Are you living your best life?  If the answer is no to any of the above questions then you aren’t living a full life, you are just existing.  Going from day to day doing the same thing, not really being conscious about moving forward in your life can be related to low motivation or low self confidence.  Before you know it, you’re frustrated that you haven’t invested in yourself or moved any further [...]

Are you living a full life or are you just existing?2019-03-24T16:41:45+01:00