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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! Every day I meet people with huge amounts of talent and wonderful dreams, but something holds them back from taking a step forward and realising their true potential.  Instead, they find themselves watching others excel in their careers or following their dreams and passions.  They make excuses not to do something and don’t understand or know what is truly holding them back. Here are 6 of the most common excuses that stop people from achieving more in their lives: 1.  I’m not ready/It’s not the right time.  When will you ever be ready?  Is there ever a right [...]

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!2020-09-13T17:54:38+01:00

Improve your happiness and live a more contented life


We all crave happiness in many different forms.  Some people relate happiness to success at work, the ability to provide for their family and enjoy a certain quality of life.  For others, being happy is dependent on a social network; perhaps a partner or a strong network of friends who provide support and are fun to be around.  Happiness can also be found in the “things” we crave for, or long to have; such as a bigger house or a nicer car.  There are also the intangible resources we crave, such as more time to do stuff we enjoy or finding [...]

Improve your happiness and live a more contented life2020-08-16T17:31:48+01:00

The differences between Counselling and Life Coaching


I often get asked if counselling and Life Coaching offer the same help.  The very simple answer is no, they don’t. A Life Coach can’t help everyone and seeking help from one is not always the best solution.  You might think I’m a bit silly to say that given my profession, but one thing I strongly disagree with is taking on clients who I know will benefit from a different type of help. Before you seek help from either, it’s very important to understand what both offer.  In my opinion these are the 3 main differences: Counselling supports people with mental [...]

The differences between Counselling and Life Coaching2020-08-02T17:22:42+01:00

Improve your life by learning to say NO!


How many times have you found yourself saying yes to someone or something when you’re really thinking no?  You then waste time and energy thinking of ways to get out of what you’ve agreed to, causing huge amounts of stress or anxiety. Many of us struggle to say no, fearing anger, possibly upsetting someone or just the uncertainty of what their response will be.  These feelings can stem from our childhood where saying no to someone was considered rude and not really an option.  By holding onto these childhood beliefs we continue to associate saying no with being unkind or selfish [...]

Improve your life by learning to say NO!2020-07-19T17:32:25+01:00

How to reframe your negative thoughts


Negative thinking serves absolutely no purpose at all.  It drains your energy and steals your inner strength.  The more you let negative thoughts control you, the stronger they become.  It’s not always easy to turn off negative thoughts, especially when they accumulate and start to affect how you process information.  Negative thinking has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person.  These type of thoughts don’t define your character and they can’t determine your future, unless you let them. When our thoughts start to link together it’s like a snowball rolling downhill.  It starts off as a small innocent thought, [...]

How to reframe your negative thoughts2020-07-12T17:07:24+01:00

How to not give a f**k about what people think of you


Every day from the moment we wake up, we live our lives caring what other people think of us.  It’s human nature to want to be liked and accepted, so we tip toe our way through life doing things to please others.  Quite often you will do, or not do what you want, because you’re concerned about what others think of you.  Every time you do this it’s holding you back from what you really want to do.  It results in worry and stress, which can have a massive negative impact on your life and those around you.  Do any of [...]

How to not give a f**k about what people think of you2020-06-28T17:38:46+01:00

Lockdown lessons – want versus need


Lockdown has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life more than ever.  Long walks in the countryside.  Growing our own vegetables.  Enjoying morning coffee with my wife.  Being able to see friends and family freely (when we can!).  Having time to read or listen to podcasts.  The list is endless to be honest.  These things surround us every day but we just never seem to get the time to fully appreciate them with our busy lives.   Lockdown lessons Having lots of time on my hands during lockdown has made me really think about the difference between wanting or [...]

Lockdown lessons – want versus need2020-06-21T16:59:36+01:00

Take back control of your power


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘take back control of your power or regain your inner strength?”    Sometimes situations, circumstances or even other people can dictate how you feel or how your day goes.  If you constantly allow this to happen you can find yourself in a downward spiral and before you know it you lose your personal power.  That ‘thing’ that makes you feel confident, fearless and strong.   The power of thought, whether negative or positive is one of the most influential things we have in our armoury.  The negative aspect of losing your inner power can be [...]

Take back control of your power2020-06-07T16:26:09+01:00

7 reasons why people don’t seek help from a Life Coach


Whether you like it or not life is full of challenges.  There is pressure and expectation all around you which can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.  People often contemplate seeking the assistance from a Life Coach when they reach a critical point or suffer a traumatic event in their personal or professional life that requires help.  Some want to simply get more out of their lives, face their fears or be happier in life.  Others want to work towards goals that reflect their dreams, but are just unsure how to do it.  You may be surprised to hear that approximately [...]

7 reasons why people don’t seek help from a Life Coach2020-06-07T15:17:21+01:00

How to deal with negative mind chatter


Negative mind chatter affects every single human being, from Olympic Athletes, to Astronauts, to you and me.  It influences your mood, hampers your ability to concentrate, has a negative impact on your behaviour and can make you angry and unhappy.  Did you know that 90% of our daily thoughts are ones we’ve had before and 80% of these are negative? Are you plagued by negative thoughts when it comes to your ability to do absolutely anything?  Do you convince yourself you can’t do something before you’ve even tried it?  Do you find your mind doing the following things: Listing your fears [...]

How to deal with negative mind chatter2020-05-24T18:01:34+01:00