Do you have a Bucket list?


How many times have you said to yourself, one day I would love to do that, but have never actually got around to doing it?  It doesn’t have to be something outrageous or expensive, it could be something very simple.  Actively doing things you enjoy can bring excitement, contentment and also help alleviate stress.  A fun and effective way of making sure you do the things you enjoy in life, is to create a Bucket list.  

Bucket lists can be used as a tool to confirm that you are on track to leading a fulfilled life, leaving room for little regret.

My first Bucket List

My first experience of a Bucket list was when my mum was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.  I was determined to help her enjoy her final few months, so we sat and wrote her list.  I actually felt humbled by some of the things she wanted to do.  These included visiting her childhood town for the final time (which was only 15 miles away), having afternoon tea and going to the Tate Gallery in London.  It also made me realise that I had missed out on having so much fun with my mum, over the years.  I managed to do every thing on the list with her, apart from two things.  After she passed, my wife and I made sure we completed her list together.

Writing the Bucket list with my lovely mum, got me thinking – you shouldn’t write a bucket list just because you are running out of time.  In fact, it should be an evolving list and involve the whole family. 

Benefits of a Bucket list:

1.     It can help you realise what is important to you and can also act as a real motivation tool to help you achieve your dreams.

2.    They remind you of your goals and dreams in life.  Often these get put to one side as ‘normal life’ takes over and we find ourselves concentrating on day to day goals.  A Bucket list can be used to rediscover them!

3.    Writing your dreams down encourages you to keep moving forward, by taking steps in the right direction.

4.    It forces you to really look at what you want.  It could also help you realise what is missing from your life.

5.    It can be fun and something you can share and complete with your whole family.  

How I use a Bucket list?

Writing and updating a bucket list has become a bit of a New Year’s Eve tradition for my wife and I.  We each write or update our personal bucket list and then complete a joint bucket list.  We then decide which ones we are going to tick off over the year, depending on financial constraints, time etc.  I ended up on a yoga retreat this year, which was on my wife’s bucket list.  This was something I would never have contemplated going on, but I actually really enjoyed it.  It also made me step outside of my comfort zone, which is good to do.

Why not sit down with your family and create a personal and family Bucket list?  It gives you quality time with those whom you love.  You can find out what their dreams are and you might even get to challenge yourself in ways you had only ever dreamed of.  Be creative, revisit and update the list often.  Tick things off when you have completed them.

One life, live it!

Make the Change!


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