Is work causing you unhappiness?


Work takes up a significant amount of your time and if you’re unhappy, you need to make a change.  Being unhappy at work can have a huge knock on effect to your home life.  If you’re anxious, stressed or bored at work you will almost certainly feel the same at home.

Four tell tale signs you’re unhappy at work:

1.   You clock watch.  Busy eyes don’t have time to clock watch.  If you have a healthy workload it will be lunchtime before you know it.

2.   You can’t switch off.  Busy is good but it’s not good to take your work home with you.  Being challenged isn’t the same as being overworked.

3.   You’re frustrated.  This can be frustration with your workload, your colleagues, or the fact that you don’t feel as if you are getting paid enough for what you’re doing.

4.   You fear Monday.  We all sometimes dread Monday morning but if you spend all day Sunday getting anxious about going to work, something is wrong. 

Is the only option to quit?  Perhaps not. 

Try these 3 steps:

Isolate the problem

The first step is to work out what’s causing your unhappiness at work.  There are many reasons why you could be unhappy.  You may feel over worked or perhaps your job doesn’t challenge you enough.  It might be that you don’t get on well with your work colleagues or if COVID has forced you to work from home you may feel isolated and lonely.  Working out the problem will help you realise if the issue is the job itself.   If you keep focussing on the feeling of being unhappy, you aren’t going to move forward.  

Come up with a plan

The best action plan is based on facts not feelings.  It’s hard to switch off emotions when you’re unhappy but it’s the only way to work out what to do.  Take some quiet time and write down what you think the problems are and also what you think the solutions are.  For example if you think the problem is your workload, the solution could be to have a chat with your manager.  On the other hand if you feel as if you aren’t being challenged enough, the solution could be to find some training courses and ask for more responsibility.  Always stick to facts, not feelings.  

Implement the plan

Put your action plan in motion.  Don’t give up on your current job without exploring all opportunities with your manager.  Additionally making a few positive changes can really improve how you feel at work.  It could be small things like making sure you take a lunch break or taking time to talk to your colleagues.

There’s no point going through life feeling like things could be better and doing nothing about it.  Life is far too short to be unhappy!

What are you waiting for?  Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.


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