The importance and benefits of self-love


What is Self-Love?

It’s a fact of life that we all need love in some form in our life.  A sense of attachment and affection towards somebody or something.  Valentines day is literally everywhere you look at the minute, but I want to focus on the most important type of love; Self-Love.  

Self-love is something that is quite often neglected by my clients.  They love everything around them but completely forget to love themselves.  Loving yourself enables you to look at people, things and life from a different perspective.  It’s the foundation that allows us to set boundaries, be assertive and create healthy relationships with others.  It can improve your physical state, your emotional state and has huge mental health benefits.  I say this a lot, but nobody is perfect.  We all have imperfections, but it’s important to try and concentrate on your strong points instead of focussing on the bits that bother you.

Benefits of Self-Love

1.  You accept who you are.  You don’t have to be satisfied with your positive and negative traits, but you do have to accept them and try to improve yourself.  When you accept who you are, you won’t feel the need to compare yourself to others.

2.  You’re more likely to have a happier life if you love yourself.  Appreciating yourself helps you appreciate what you have around you and your life in general.  If you hold yourself in high esteem and know that you are fulfilling your purpose in life, you will have a more positive attitude towards your future and others.

3.   Mental health issues are more likely to resolve quickly, or less likely to develop if you practise self-love.  Fight those negative thoughts and feelings by accepting and loving yourself for who you are.  If you feel good about yourself, you will deal with whatever life throws at you in a better way.

4.   Your motivation to look after yourself will increase and you will find it easier to adopt healthy habits.  You will value your health and fitness far more and will also realise that having a healthy body and mind will make you feel better, inside and out.

5.   Your stress levels will decrease and your performance at work will increase.  Instead of setting yourself up to fail, you will focus your positivity and energy on succeeding.

We are all ultimately responsible for our own actions, choices and also the outcome of those actions and choices.  You can’t find self-love in anybody else, only you can create it.  Take some time this week to really look at yourself and think about what you love about yourself and your life.

Spend Valentines Day with the person who you should love the most – YOU! 

What are you waiting for?  Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.


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