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Sometimes people just need a little motivation, to achieve a lot!

Paul ‘Joe’ Jordan spent 15 years in the Army as a Paratrooper and in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.  Fitness was his life.  He left the Army in 2000 and moved to the USA, where he worked as a bodyguard for Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Janet Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres.  He also trained Brad Pitt in preparation for his role in the movie, Troy.

3 years ago he was badly injured playing rugby in Saudi Arabia, which resulted in critical compression of L4 and L5 (significant trauma to the lower back).  Joe couldn’t walk properly and was told that he would never play rugby again.  Following a career where fitness was his passion, the back injury started to affect him psychologically.  His motivation, positivity and confidence were shattered.  When he returned to the UK, he suffered from depression and lost all motivation for health and fitness.  He found himself in a stressful job, which demanded long hours and every excuse in the book was used, not to exercise. 

Joe’s journey to transformation!

The Oax Life Coaching 30 day progressive kick start fitness programme, which started on 1 Jan 18, gave Joe a massive wake up call and was just the kick start he needed.  He saw the videos and thought ‘that used to be me’ and asked himself ‘why have I let myself go?’  Joe decided to make a commitment to himself and hold himself accountable, so he posted a photo of himself (photo 1) on the Oax Life Coaching FB page, for all to see.  Now he had to do something about it!

Joe has followed the Oax Life Coaching Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programmes back to back, over the last 3 months.  As a result of this, he has completely transformed not just his body, but his mind too.  He’s regained his motivation for fitness, but more importantly his energy and enthusiasm for life.

An inspirational example, showing that you can do anything if you put your heart and soul into it! 



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