1.14 stone lost in 35 days = health and fitness goals!


Identifying and seeking advice and guidance in relation to personal health and fitness, can be a life changing moment.  Over the last 5 weeks I have had the pleasure of coaching Nick Johnson, who wanted help to change his mindset towards health and fitness.  I provided him with motivation, confidence and positivity coaching, to enable him to become fitter and stronger.  This requires pure dedication and desire from the client, which Nick has had in abundance.   

So how did Nick do it?

Nick was given a weekly fitness programme, personalised nutritional guidance and Life Coaching in Motivation, Confidence & Positivity.  He completely threw himself into the programme and put my coaching techniques and methods, to good use.  Our weekly one on one sessions were full of sweat, groans (mainly from me!) and plenty of laughter.  

Through pure self belief and determination Nick has lost 1.14 stone in just 35 days and has increased his body strength by 200%!  More importantly his confidence, positivity and vitality levels have gone through the roof.  Negativity is a thing of the past!

Sometimes a client finds it hard to visualise or understand how much weight they have actually lost.  Nick was completely astounded when I presented him with a bag which weighed 1.14 stone, which equated to his weight loss.  

Nick has achieved more than he ever imagined in 5 weeks.  He has smashed his initial goals with ease and is now embracing life, more vibrantly.  I am now looking forward to continuing the journey with him and seeing what else he can achieve……⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


‘The Best Investment is an Investment in You’

So what are you waiting for…?  If you want to improve your overall health and well being, get in contact.



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