1.67 stone lost in 37 days – James Kimmings



Most of us take things for granted, every single day.  Even the simplest of things, like the ability to walk up and down the stairs, or go for a long walk, it’s just something we do, without really thinking about it.  Of course, it isn’t like this for everybody.  7 weeks ago, 18 year old James Kimmings asked for my coaching to get him stronger and fitter, both physically and psychologically.  James suffers from a debilitating condition called Lupus, which basically means he suffers high levels of pain in every single joint.  Walking up the stairs isn’t so easy for him.  Despite struggling with this condition every day, he refuses to let it hold him back from doing most of the things that any 18 year old wants to do.


On my initial meeting with James he had little, if no body strength.  His diet, fitness levels and inner self confidence were at an all time low and he generally felt unhealthy and was over weight.  James also had a very gloomy view about his future and the challenging times that lay ahead for him to face.

I worked with James on a one to one basis and tailored a nutrition and fitness programme for him to follow, on a daily basis.  Our weekly one to one sessions were a combination of Fitness Conditioning and Life Coaching, where I worked on trying to improve his self confidence, motivation and self belief.  James is a determined and focussed young man and after just 37 days, he has managed to build his self esteem, confidence, improve his health and … wait for it…he has lost a staggering 1.67 stone…..yes, 23.3 lbs in weight…!

I have enjoyed every second that I have spent with James – his dedication to the programme and his positivity, have quite frankly inspired me.  He is the prefect example of somebody who knew he needed to do something to improve his life.  Once he made the decision to get help, he put his heart and soul, completely into it.  This is just the start of the journey for James and and I am already looking forward to sharing the next phase with him.



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