The MOTIVATION to start a business.

There I was, looking forward to retiring after an amazing 30 years in the British Army, when someone (I still really don’t know who 🤔), plants a little seed in my head: “ Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? You’d be great”.

Well, almost 10 months on from that moment, I find myself building a life coaching business…….so much for retiring hey!

It’s been a challenge right from the start; trying to get the content perfect on the website (thanks Charlie!), smiling for hours whilst the photographer patiently (thanks Sarah!) waits to capture that ’natural’ shot, and all the time I am wondering “can I make this a success?”.

Every day is a school day and to be honest the first week has probably been one of the most stressful of my life.  Who knew how much time and effort it would take to post on ALL the social media platforms, TWICE a day?  Who knew how long it would take to create one fitness video (a long time…….and a I have 30 to do!)?  Who knew the little details involved, such as networking, advertising, branding, uploading, designing etc etc etc.  It’s an absolute minefield and certainly enough to overload my little brain – motivation required!

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing people backing me and providing with the motivation I need to launch this business.  Despite all the challenge and the moments where I have had to have serious words with myself, I’ve stayed motivated and determined to make this Life Coaching Business a success.

What has inspired my motivation?  To be honest, the motivation and drive behind this whole adventure is that I genuinely know that I can help people improve their lives, whether it be personal or professional, in nature.  I’ve been motivating people my whole career, so why not share my passion and try to help others succeed in life?

Now looking forward to the next challenge that no doubt is only minutes around the corner.👍🤔👍

Chris 👍😎 OAX Life Coaching

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