Never Cut Corners


As humans we are so focussed on taking short cuts or cutting corners to economise. This may work when we want to be more efficient with menial chores and tasks, but not when it comes to your health and fitness: the Mind Body and Spirit need to be kept very much alive.

I set myself little challenges every day and although they are only small, they really do make a big difference.  “Lots of small changes add up to one BIG change”.

Here are 8 small tips for you to add to your daily routine:

TIP 1: Park your car as far away as possible from the supermarket.  That way you burn more calories walking further in both directions.

TIP 2: Never get on escalators.  Escalators don’t burn calories, but those stairs right next to them, really do burn those calories.

TIP 3: If you’re travelling to work by rail or tube, and your job is sat at a desk in an office, then try standing up for the whole journey, both ways.  The movement of a train or tube is great for your balance, posture & core.

TIP 4: Try to always fit in a minimum of 30 minutes exercise every day.  Go for a walk in the mornings, lunchtimes or evenings.  Just make sure you do something.

TIP 5: Try looking at those household chores through positive eyes.  Every bit of body movement you do is burning calories and keeping you flexible.  Whether it’s putting the washing on the line or brushing the yard, this all adds up to burnt calories.

TIP 6: Stop eating high calorific food.  Plan ahead by organising what you’re going to eat tomorrow, today.  Eating rubbish food because it’s easy, is weak.

TIP 7: Every-time you say “I really can’t be bothered” tell yourself off and say “be bothered”.  This way you will be beating Mr/Mrs Negative every day, making you the winner.

TIP 8: Take time out for you.  By being just a little selfish each day allows you to be happy with who you are inside.  Being happy inside makes others see you happy on the outside.

“Will it be easy? NO.  Will it be worth it?  ABSOLUTELY”

Chris 👍😎 Oax Life Coaching

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