Health and Fitness – 7 Top Tips to get you through January

So it’s mid-way through January…how many people are struggling with, or have already fallen off the Health and Fitness waggon?  There are days when we can feel like we just aren’t getting the quick results we want and the easy option is to give up.

Let’s be honest, it was always going to feel like an uphill struggle starting a Health and Fitness training programme in January, especially after an indulging Christmas!

To help you get back on the waggon, here are 7 training tips to help you keep you going with your Health and Fitness programme:

  1. Remind yourself why you’re doing it – whether your aim is to get fitter or to lose weight, we all have a reason for starting a health and fitness programme.  When you struggle with motivation just remind yourself the reason why you started this.
  2. Keep it interesting – mix your sessions up so that you don’t get bored and unmotivated whilst training.  This doesn’t mean reinvent your whole programme, just be creative.  Try something new.
  3. Challenge yourself – always push yourself that little bit further, when it starts to get easy make your session harder.  You want to finish, feeling fatigued and confident that you gave it your all.
  4. Train with a friend –  if one of your friends or colleagues started their own Health and Fitness programme, suggest doing a session together, even if its once a week.  Training with like-minded people and seeing how others achieve their aims, will inspire you.
  5. Challenge your attitude – embed exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine and it will become a normal everyday activity.  By doing this, any negative feelings towards a Health and Fitness programme will be dismissed and you will learn to realise the huge satisfaction you can gain from it.  You might even find yourself taking your training gear on holiday with you!
  6. Buy some new training kit – whether it’s a bright hat or a new pair of running shoes, training gear can inspire you to get off the sofa and exercise.
  7. Remember to take rest/recovery days – new Health and Fitness programmes can be a shock to the system and you will find muscles that you didn’t even know existed!

Focus on the image of the person you want to be, the reason why you started this Health and Fitness Campaign, make it as important as your work.

Roll on Spring!

Chris 👍😎 OAX Life Coaching


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