Business and Confidence Coaching – Leigh’s success story


When I met Leigh, she had a wonderful dream to become a successful business woman and entrepreneur.  The only thing stopping her, was a lack of confidence and self belief.  Leigh’s dream was to create a business specialising in health and fitness, for people struggling with obesity and diabetes.

Leigh has been a very successful personal trainer for many years, but she has never felt capable or confident enough, to take the steps to make her dream become a reality.  She approached me for Business and Confidence Coaching, after making the decision to follow her passion.  Her drive to help people with obesity and diabetes was clear, from the second I met her.

After some open discussions with Leigh, we managed to identify and iron out areas of her life, both past and present, that she believed were holding her back.  This can be a very emotive time, so as a coach, I helped settle her ship by teaching her how to deal with any negative thoughts that she might experience, when starting her new business venture.

We then created a strategic plan to build her new business.  This included looking at areas such as, the market she was targeting, the 2 areas of specialisation she had chosen and how to develop her idea into a brand.  Another key factor which we tackled, was for Leigh to understand how to deal with the increased workload she would encounter, when setting up her own business.  Something, if I am being honest, blindsided me when setting up my Life Coaching Business!

During the following weeks, Leigh started to bloom.  Every time I put her out of her comfort zone, her personal confidence and self belief, literally soared.  Now 8 weeks on, she is full of excitement, focus and becomes more determined, as everyday passes.  Leigh is now in the stages of putting content into her new website and seeing her dream become a reality.

Business and Confidence Coaching has enabled Leigh to stand on the cusp of launching her life long dreams.  An exciting and challenging new journey, now lies ahead for her.  I have every confidence that she will become one of, if not the most successful specialist in her field of expertise and I feel privileged to have shared her journey.

It’s surprising how many people have fantastic ideas and dreams bouncing around in their minds.  Unfortunately, some lack the confidence to take the action required, to achieve them.  Don’t let those dreams stay in your head, it can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Life is too short to have regrets – Take Action now!

Make the Change!


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