Tips on how to stay fit and healthy on Holiday


It’s peak summer holiday time and you’ve been saving and dreaming about it for months.  It’s time to switch off, relax and put aside any stresses that you may have.  Holiday’s are the time to have a break from strict gym routines and diets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come back a stone heavier.

You will start to lose fitness (decondition) after about 2 weeks of doing no exercise at all.  To avoid this from happening and the awful sluggish feeling you get from overindulging, take a look at my top 7 tips to stay healthy on holiday:

1.   Adjust your mindset – Don’t feel guilty about not maintaining a strict training regime whilst you are on holiday, a break will more than likely do you good.  If you feel the urge to train, then train.  Reduce your training to 2 or 3 times a week, so you still feel the benefits and you still have the chance to relax.

2.   Walk everywhere – Explore the surrounding areas and maintain your fitness by walking as often as possible.

3.   Try something new – Most hotels offer various fitness classes, so why not try something fun and new?  It doesn’t have to be a ninja circuit training class, it could be Surf lessons, Yoga or Tennis, for example.  Group classes are a great way to enjoy a bit of physical activity, whilst having a laugh with like-minded people.

4.   Swimming – Fit a few lengths of swimming in the pool or sea, before breakfast.  It will give your body a chance to recover from high impact activities and it will get your heart pumping, at the same time.

5.   Train efficiently – do a HITT session or a core workout.  These don’t take up a huge amount of time and you will feel better for it.

6.   Pick your time – If you feel the urge to exercise, then train either first thing in the morning or prior to dinner, to avoid the heat.  Keep hydrated and wear sunscreen if you are exercising outside.

7.   Indulging – Let’s face it, indulging is part of going on holiday and we all do it (me included).  To avoid any significant weight gain and that awful sluggish feeling, be mindful of your food choices.  Treat yourself, but in moderation.  It’s the little consistencies that make a difference.

Listen to your body – if you are tired, relax and eat healthily to recharge those batteries.  Health and Fitness is a lifestyle, but we all do need a rest every now and again.

Have a great holiday, wherever your travels take you!


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