Amazing Life Coaching, Health and Fitness results from Charlie Green!


Charlie Green is 54 years old and an extremely successful businessman.  He admits that he has done very little exercise, over the past 18 years.  His family have gone through some of the most testing times of their lives, during the last 2 years.  Charlie lost his Father in law to Cancer, his wife Sara has been struggling with an extremely serious illness and he had a heart scare of his own, early last year.  Taking all of this into consideration, he realised that he had to start to look after himself and improve his all round Health & Fitness.  He had watched the progress of another client of mine on Social Media and decided to have a consultation.

After assessing Charlie, I put him on a 12 week tailored Fitness & Nutrition plan.  The aim was for him to lose weight and improve his overall health.  In addition to the PT, Charlie started a 12 week Life Coaching Programme, focussing on his motivation and work/life balance.  Initially, he was quite sceptical about the Life Coaching, but after 12 sessions, he has completely changed his entire outlook on life.  Both programmes running concurrently, have resulted in Charlie being a happier, more confident, healthier person, with increased motivation.  Charlie has already started to make some very big changes in his life as a result of the Life Coaching programme and he is excited about what lies ahead, for him and his family.  He says that he feels amazing inside and out and 25 years younger – just what a coach likes to hear!  

The stats from the tailored fitness and nutrition programme speak for themselves:

  • Body Mass reduction = 50 cm / 19.69 inches.
  • Body Weight reduction = 34.89 lb’s / 2.49 stone. 

Once Charlie had made the decision to change his lifestyle, his mindset, focus and dedication to both programmes were priceless.  This has been an amazing journey for Charlie and it has been a pleasure coaching him.  Bring on the next 12 weeks, where we plan to take his fitness to another level!

Make the Change – you simply won’t regret it!


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