Work/Life Balance


Work/life balance is key to a healthy and happy life.  Having a successful career may be important to many of us, but it’s also important to find a good balance between your job and personal life.  A healthy work/life balance is paramount for your wellbeing.  It also ensures that you have the opportunity to get the very best out of life.  If you’re happy and balanced outside of work, it’s likely that your productivity in work will increase.

If you don’t get it right, a lack of work/life balance can have a considerable effect on both your physical and emotional wellbeing.  It also contributes to a large amount of relationship breakdowns.

How to help yourself:

1.   Take ownership of your work/life balance.  Nobody’s perfect and it’s important to be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve.  If things get too much, speak to those involved, whether at work or home and come up with a solution that suits everyone.

2.   Make sure you work smart by setting timelines for each of your tasks and try your best to stick to them.  Prioritise your tasks and try not to get caught up in less productive jobs.

3.   Ensure that you take proper breaks away from your desk or office.  Go for a walk, phone a loved one, or read a book/magazine.  Just do something that isn’t work related for at least 20-30 minutes during your working day.

4.   Before you leave work, refresh your ‘to do’ list and get it ready for the next day.  Give yourself a pat on the back for the things you’ve completed, but don’t stress about the things you haven’t.

5.   Decide on a set finish time before you go to work.  There may be the odd occasion that you might need to be a little flexible, but unless it’s of vital importance, stick to the time you set.

6.   Leave work at work.  When you get home don’t answer work related calls and fight the urge to check your emails.  You can deal with them the following morning.  This is time for your personal life, so enjoy it.  

7.   Look after yourself by getting plenty of rest, exercise regularly and eat well.  Exercise is usually the first thing to disappear when life gets busy.  It’s proven to be an effective stress reducer and can help lift your mood.  Try to eat as healthy as possible, but allow yourself those lovely treats in moderation.  

A good work/life balance will have a positive impact on your life, long term.  There isn’t a one solution fits all when it comes to work/life balance, but it’s important that you find a way that suits you.

Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.


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