Commitment and focus leads to success – 4 stone loss!


Success is measured in so many different forms.  When it comes to personal success you have to create your own standards.  Don’t judge yourself according to other people’s definition of success.  You have to decide what’s most important in your life.  It could be a happy relationship, a successful career, or your health and fitness for example.  For most people it’s a mixture of a few things.  Once you’ve made the decision to improve something in your life, you have to commit to it 100%.  This is when your motivation and commitment kicks in.  That’s the easy bit.  However, staying motivated is the challenge!

Joe Crompton asked for my coaching assistance 26 weeks ago following a reality check conversation with his father in law, who has terminal cancer.  For those following Joe’s journey you will remember how well he was doing at his 12 week point (  Joe has now reached the end of his health and fitness programme and has lost an incredible 4 stone, and 31.5 inches from his body frame!  Success requires commitment, focus and sheer hard work.  There’s no easy way to lose weight and improve your overall fitness.  If there was, everyone would do it!  Throughout the 26 weeks we’ve trained through the most hideous weather, but Joe maintained his positive attitude.  I’m pretty sure he went home cursing me some days!  

How Joe created his own success:

Joe usually starts work at 0600 hrs and quite often doesn’t get home until 1900.   He literally comes in from work, says hello to his wife, then goes out for a training session from his programme.  This alone requires a different type of mindset, one he focussed on immediately.  As well as completing his training he had to monitor his nutritional intake every single day, making sure he wasn’t overeating.  Joe’s attitude and relationship with healthy food has completely changed and he now understands the benefits of fuelling his body correctly.

Joe pushed through the tough times.  The mornings when his legs didn’t feel like they were working properly.  The times he just wanted to crash on the sofa and eat takeaway food.  He never gave up.  His determination, motivation and focus to improve his health has kept him going strong, throughout the programme.  His goals became my mission.  When you put these together, the only outcome is success!  Health and fitness is now part of his daily routine and he has never looked back. 

Key to any success is a support network, people who help you stay motivated and mentally on target.  His wife, Cindi, has been his rock and gave him the encouragement (and took some seriously funny videos after our sessions!) from the beginning.  His friends and family have been there every step of the way.  They respect and more importantly support his decision to change his life.

The secret to Joe’s success is simply him, nothing else.  He focused his mental and physical strength on his journey and maintained his motivation throughout.  On the days he didn’t feel motivated, he reminded himself of the things I said to him during sessions.; “don’t listen to the negatives”, “just get out and do it”, “no excuses”.   By saying these quotes to himself and with a little kick up the bum from his wife, he kept going.

Joe is simply one of the most inspiring clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He’s more than a client, he’s a really good mate who I enjoy spending time with and I am so incredibly proud of him.  Listening to comments from his friends about his success and how he has turned his life around is so inspiring. 

Well done mate!

Make the Change!


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