How Joe kickstarted his health and wellbeing journey – 3 Stone in 12 weeks!


Joe is a ground works construction engineer whose hours are unsociable and long, working around the country.  He told me that when he looked in the mirror or at photographs of himself he simply pushed the unhappy feelings about his weight to the back of his mind.  Subconsciously he knew he couldn’t go on looking and feeling the way he did, but he just didn’t have the motivation to give himself a well needed kick up the backside.  It’s a well known fact that trigger points or a particular moment/event can instigate change in our lives.  Joe’s trigger point came during a good chat with his father in law, who has terminal cancer.  As you can imagine this conversation really put life into perspective for Joe.  For him it was crunch time because his health was in danger of spiralling downhill, if he did nothing.

Joe asked me to help him lose weight, get fitter and to feel healthier.  During our initial consultation he told me about his really terrible relationship with food.  He wouldn’t think twice about having 3 kebabs at the end of a night out and he even admitted to eating £30 worth of Chinese food in one go.  Joe had tried numerous Personal Trainers in the past but still couldn’t achieve what was needed.  He also explained that he had given up trying to change and thought “Oh well, I might as well do what I enjoy doing and keep eating loads of food”.   This negative mind chatter is very common in people who are overweight.

During the last 12 weeks I introduced accountability through conversation, whilst creating a honest and open rapport with Joe.  This was backed up with regular contact to ensure Joe stayed focussed and on track to achieve his goals.  I also employed Neurological Linguistic Programming (NLP) into thought provoking conversations that we had during our weekly 1-2-1 fitness sessions.  Now 12 weeks on, Joe is sitting in a much better, happier but more importantly healthier place.  The results of his lifestyle change are clear to him and those around him.  The effort and commitment he puts in is giving him the results he wants. 

Joe has shed just short of 3 stone.  His body strength has gone through the roof.  More importantly his heart is no longer under extreme pressure and now beats stronger and therefore lower each and everyday.  His Body Mass Index (BMI) is lowering nicely but most noticeably his overall body frame is shrinking towards a healthier proportion. 

Joe’s Stats :

Day 1

12 week point

Body Weight

22.11 Stone

20.01 Stone

Body Mass Index



Maximum Heart Rate

207 Bpm

176 Bpm

Full Press Ups



Tricep Dips



Full Sit Ups



Full Squats



Full Plank

26 Sec

43 Sec

Body Mass Reduced:  64 cm / 25.2 inches

With the combination of an experienced coach, the right mindset, nutritional guidance and advice you CAN achieve improved health and wellbeing.  The knowledge of nutritional base layers whilst doing the correct levels of exercise and activity are key but the power of the mind is what drives you to achieve amazing things in your life.  Those things that we originally thought impossible to achieve.

Joe has pure determination to lose weight and become healthier.  He now even has the cheek to tell me off if I post a photo of a chocolate treat, telling me to choose a healthier option!  His goal is to lose another 2 stone and he has already moved onto to the next phase of his training plan with me.

Get rid of the negative mind chatter.  Make the Change!


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