How to stay motivated through the seasonal change


For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, the seasonal change has started and springtime has arrived.  You can’t beat that feeling when you wake up, the birds are singing, the light is streaming through the curtains and you realise it’s still only 0700! 

The seasonal change tends to give your motivation a kick start, getting rid of the lethargic feeling that winter gives you.  Push bikes are dusted off, garages are cleaned out and the garden starts to bloom after a long, cold and dreary winter.  Yippee, hibernation is over 🙂.  Now is the time to rethink those good intentions you made for 2019.  

7 ways to help you stay motivated throughout the seasonal change:

1.  Internal (Intrinsic) motivation.  This is the driving force behind your thoughts and choices in life.  It means that you pursue an activity or goal for the sheer joy of it, because it means something to you and you choose to do it.  Nurture it and allow it to be creative.  

2.  Remember what motivates you.  We all have different motivators.  It could be to get fitter and healthier, to be more successful in your chosen career stream or you may find that financial gain motivates you.  Take a moment to think about the times in your life when you have felt motivated or inspired to do something.  Write them down and refer back to them when you feel your motivation wavering.  You may also identify things that demotivate you, which you can try to avoid.

3.  Daily challenge.  Set yourself a daily challenge, no matter how big or small.  It could be setting the alarm 10 mins earlier than normal so you can have some ‘you’ time before the chaos of the day begins.  Try something that makes you step outside of your comfort zone.  Small daily actions can encourage you to make a long lasting change in your life.

4.  Get outside.  At this time of year the sun starts to go higher in the sky and stays there for longer periods.  It’s much nicer training outside in the warmer and brighter weather, so get outdoors and starting moving.  Any type of outdoor exercise provides the body with increased levels of oxygen and nitrogen into the blood stream, which means you will automatically have more energy and motivation.  You will feel sharper and more positive in your mind, which increases your productivity at work and home.

5.  Keep learning.  You are never to old to learn something new.  When you were at school you didn’t have a choice about what you learnt.  You do now, so choose something that will make you jump out of bed.  There are so many different ways of learning these days so choose whatever way works for you.

6.  Choose your company wisely.  Negative people ooze negative thoughts and will dampen your dreams because of how they feel.  Spend your time with superstars.  By this I mean people who are motivated and share your passion and desires in life.  Choose those who you can share your goals with and those who will encourage you to achieve them. 

7.  Rewards.  Give yourself little rewards when you achieve something.  It could be a night out with friends or buying something you’ve wanted for a while.  Having mini rewards tap into the pleasure / pain part of the brain.  Your brain will start to understand that with success comes rewards.  If you struggle to to motivate yourself think of the reward you have promised yourself!

By embracing the seasonal change you will feel happier and so much more energised, motivated and more positive about living.  So, clear all those winter blues away, get your training shoes or walking boots on and get out into that fresh warmer spring air and embrace the seasonal change!

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