Life Coaching for Grief


During my life, in particular my 31 yr Military career, I have lost a number of people who I have truly cared about, so I absolutely understand the heartache and pain that somebody experiences when they suffer a loss or bereavement. 

When we lose someone close to us we feel a complete sense of emptiness and an unbearable void.  Some people have the ability to bounce back and cope with their grief quicker than others but many never ever get over the loss of a loved one.  We all cope in very different ways and can’t anticipate the effect grief will have on us.  In most cases, time is the healer but sometimes no amount of time is enough.  There is no defining amount of time or coaching that can be identified to help ease this kind of pain, but there are techniques that can provoke a subconscious response, to allow you to reconnect with living a positive and purposeful life.

My clients story:

After losing a parent over 10 years ago a client came to me for help, to deal with their loss.  They felt that their grief was eating away at them and stopping them from enjoying their life and doing the things they really wanted too.  Their exact words to me were “they felt that life was just passing them by, they were just existing and this was something that their parent would not have wanted”.

I found that my style of Life Coaching really helped to break down the barriers.  By using a huge amount of rapport, empathy, reality and thought provoking questions via Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), I was able to help my client unlock the barriers that had been holding them back for so long.  This unlocking helps them to move forward with their life.  My client is now consciously aware of how best to use the techniques they have learnt and are able to cope with their grief in a better way.  They also understand and embrace the positivity in their life and are looking forward to their future.  

Grief is something we will all experience at some point in our life and there is no way of knowing how it will affect us.  The right Life Coach can help you regain your passion and purpose in order to embrace the life you have ahead of you.

One life, live it to the full.

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