How to achieve a positive mindset


Having a positive mindset is key from the moment you wake up.  The way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it.  If you want a happy and positive mindset you need to have a happy and positive start to that day.  You have 2 options from the moment you open your eyes; you can either jump out of bed and make the best of your day or you can hit the snooze button and start to dread the day ahead.

Most of us live on autopilot, waking up and doing things out of habit or routine.  We choose our thoughts and every choice you make determines how your day will be.  More importantly it determines how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally.  Starting your day with a positive mindset has endless benefits including good health, happiness, better relationships and increased success in your personal or professional life.

How to achieve a positive mindset:

Morning routine.  Create a routine that you enjoy.  A nice routine starts your day on a positive foot allowing you to deal with any negativity thrown your way.  I like to set my alarm 5 minutes earlier than I need to get up which allows me to wake up and think positively about my day ahead.  I don’t jump out of bed each morning with a ridiculous amount of happiness, but I don’t allow negative thoughts to enter my head.  Make sure you have a healthy and nutritious breakfast to kick start your metabolism and fuel the day ahead.  Your body gets no fuel whilst you are sleeping so skipping breakfast is the worst way to start your day.

Set your intention.  Be clear about what you want to do that day.  Whether it’s being productive at home or creating new ways to keep the children entertained, you must sign up to it from the second you wake up.  If you hesitate or go into any task/activity with any negativity it will impact your whole day and potentially the outcome of the task.

Work through negativity.  Negative feelings don’t just disappear so don’t push them to one side because they will come back.  If you do have negative thoughts recognise them, challenge them, but more importantly come up with a way of dealing with them.  Don’t judge yourself, focus on your strengths because I guarantee you will have lots of them!

Attack your day.  A positive mindset will increase your energy levels and make you feel ready to tackle the most important tasks you have.  Hesitation in anything you do will create doubt and negativity, so avoid it at all costs.  If you see the positive in the task you will find it easier to get it done.

Creating a positive mindset in the morning can have a significant impact on your mood, even more so during these uncertain times.  Make sure you start your day with happiness and positivity, not doom and gloom!

Stay at home.  Stay safe.

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