COVID-19 – my first week of staying at home


COVID-19 is impacting everyone across the world and we now find ourselves spending 95% of our days in the house, not knowing how long it will last.  I love the outdoors and get cabin fever, so from day one this has been a challenge for me.  I’m a positive and energetic person but even I’ve struggled to motivate myself some days.  It’s absolutely impossible to stay positive all of the time, especially when life is so uncertain.  I thought I would share with you how I’ve got through my first week:

Establish a routine.  This is the first and most important thing that I did.  My morning alarm still goes off as per my working week so I can get up and start my day in a positive way.  I enjoy my morning coffee for longer but don’t waste time allowing any negativity to kick in. 

Create a list of jobs.  Who am I kidding, my wife did this the second she knew we weren’t allowed out!  The list is huge but we are working our way through it together, fuelled with tea, biscuits and the odd ice cream and beer!  Ticking those jobs off is helping me stay motivated, although the list doesn’t seem to be getting smaller…..

Catch up with friends and family.  We’ve always been close to Nicky’s parents but we check in with them even more, to the point where they may actually get fed up of us!  Our tribe, those friends we know we can rely on have been amazing.  We have a WhatsApp group where we all say good morning every single day which is a great way to start our day.  Maintaining these relationships keeps us looking forward in life.

Train.  Fitness is a key fixture in our lives.  We both get grumpy if we don’t get our physical fix every day so we’ve used our allowed exercise time effectively this week.  On our rest days we’ve gone out for a long walk together.  We’re lucky to have some amazing countryside on our doorstep so we’ve made a pact never to do the same walk twice during our COVID-19 restrictions.

Learn something new.  We decided that we have to teach each other something new every week.  This week I’ve taught Nicky how to box (she has a mean right hook!) and she’s taught me how to bake a banana and chocolate loaf cake.  I’m already dreading what’s in store for me next week!

Smile.  We are trying to make the best out of a bad situation and sometimes it’s hard to keep smiling when the news is full of COVID-19 and the awful impact it’s having.  Being able to laugh at the most stupidest of things has been a lifeline to us. 

During week two make sure you……

1.  Take an extra deep breath when things annoy you.

2.  Hug the person next to you more than usual.

3.  Practise kindness to everyone around you. 

4.  Plan what you are going to do as a family next year.  

5.  Keep looking forward, no matter how hard that may seem.

We will beat COVID-19 together.  Stay at home and stay safe.

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