Learning something new


Learning something new can start a whole new chapter in your life.  It can give you focus and you never know, you may discover a hidden talent.  Though we continue to learn through experience and life in general, we don’t necessarily choose to learn for the sake of fun or curiosity.  Why not?  Are we too comfortable with what we do?  Are we set in our ways?  Do we lose the will to challenge ourselves?  In my opinion the fear of failure, time and energy and a lack of motivation are the key factors that hold us back from learning something new.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?  Living busy and hectic lifestyles can make it difficult to think about learning something new, but there are huge benefits to be gained from stepping outside of your comfort zone.  As we age our brains need more activity.  The average person between the age of 35-65 challenge their minds less, because they are comfortable in life.  

7 benefits of learning something new:

1.   Become a better you.  Learning can provide an escape from your daily routine when you need it.  It allows you to focus on you.  Even 30 minutes a day can enhance your quality of life and help you become a better you.

2.   Sense of accomplishment.  Can you remember back to when you rode a bike for the first time, or passed an important exam?  I bet you felt a real sense of pride in your achievement.  This is how learning something new makes you feel.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long it takes you.  It’s about getting started.

3.   Can help reduce stress.  You make the choice to dedicate time for yourself.  Breaking out of your normal patterns of behaviour gives your brain something else to think about rather than what’s worrying you.  Taking time out, relaxing and enjoying a new hobby or activity can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

4.   Improve your confidence.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you gain confidence.  Trying something new will challenge you and give you an increased feeling of self-esteem, hope and purpose.

5.   Meet new people.  When you take up a new hobby or join a club you will meet interesting, like minded people (post lockdown!).  Chances are you will make good friends, whilst experiencing and learning something completely new.  

6.   Have fun.  Doing something for the first time is exciting.  If you don’t enjoy it, move on and try something else.  It could unearth a passion in you that you never realised you had!  

7.   Rediscover a lost hobby.  Is there something you used to love doing but gave it up to focus on your family or career?  Try it again.  You may find you still have the skill and passion for something you used to be great at.

Learning a new skill or subject has never been easier.  The internet has so many resources including videos, podcasts or online classes.  There are clubs for everything these days.  You just have to commit to it and go for it!

We are in the middle of a house renovation and every day I learn something new.  Whether it’s how to build a wall, level a floor or insulate a roof, it challenges me in ways I haven’t been challenged before.  It’s such a rewarding feeling and ultimately it makes me smile.

If you have something in the back of your mind that you’ve been thinking of trying, give it a go.  You have nothing to lose!

Take the leap of faith.  Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.



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