Keith Davison’s Health and Fitness Transformation – 1.68 stone lost in 7 weeks!


Keith Davison is 53 years old.  He is a happy go lucky gentleman who likes a beer or 2, eats the wrong food and smokes.  Health and Fitness were literally the last things on his mind.

On a recent visit to his GP, he was given a life changing ultimatum.  Do something about your health and fitness, or risk getting Heart Disease.  Keith is a devoted husband, father and grandfather and this ultimatum made him realise that he needed to take action quickly, if he was going to see his grandkids grow up.  It basically gave him the kick up the backside he needed – his health had to be his priority.

Keith asked me to help him be a better and healthier version of himself.  He had never (ever) done any kind of structured physical training in his life, so boy he was in for a shock.  He even had to go shopping for a tracksuit and training shoes, as he had never owned such items of clothing!  I devised a specific 7 week fitness and nutrition programme for Keith to follow.  In addition I spent one hour a week putting him through his paces.

Keith literally put his heart and soul into my motivational, health and fitness coaching programme.  He has pushed himself to levels far beyond he ever believed he could.


After 7 weeks Keith has:

  • lost a staggering 1.68 Stone / 23.61 lbs / 10.72 kg’s of excess body fat.
  • trimmed 15.81 inches / 40.16 cm from his original body frame.
  • replaced the sluggishness and now feels full of vitality and positivity for the future.

His doctor was gobsmacked when he went for his last check up!

Keith’s advice to everyone now is:

“don’t wait to be told you need to change for a better life, change your life right now, before it’s too late”.

Well done Keith!

Are you ready to Make the Change?  Contact me for a free consultation and let’s change your life together.


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