Challenge your boundaries – live your life!


If you choose not to challenge your boundaries, you will never grow.  This could mean that you miss out on a huge amount of unexpected fun, freedom and pleasure.  You will be someone who observes, from afar, others getting the very best out of life.  Do you want to live a boring, safe life – this is something that quite frankly terrifies me.  This is why I chose to challenge myself.  

Over the last week I have been on a Yoga and Surf Retreat, with Xtreme Retreats.  The retreat was held on the beautiful unspoilt beach of Dickwella in Sri Lanka.  Every morning we woke to the sounds of monkeys and tropical birds in the trees, a complete paradise.

Xtreme Retreats

Each day started with a challenging dynamic yoga flow, tailored for the muscles required to surf.  Tash, our teacher was simply amazing.  She was passionate, creative and you could see her genuine love for sharing her practise.  Tash also delivered a workshop on inversions and arm balances, ranging from headstands to handstands.  We even did blindfolded yoga and partner yoga, which I had never even heard of.  

Following this we had a short surf theory lesson which taught us how to read the surfing forecast, how a wave is created, understanding the tides and more importantly knowing how to be safe on a surf board.  We were then let loose on the surf boards.  Toni, our instructor was simply outstanding.  He intuitively knew when people needed a little encouragement and was constantly giving us all little tips on how to improve our posture etc.  The remainder of the each day was spent chilling on the beach or exploring the local area.

Early evenings consisted of a restorative Yin Yoga practise, which eased the tension from our bodies, after battling with the surf boards and waves.  Something that was well needed and enjoyed by everyone.

The retreat was full of like minded people, each with their own challenges to face.  For example my wife, Nicky, is petrified of the ocean and rarely even puts a toe in the water.  As you can imagine this was a huge challenge for her and one which she literally smashed!

So how did it challenge my boundaries?

I already attend a weekly yoga class, but the thought of 2 yoga classes a day, plus workshops was quite daunting.   Yin Yoga was new to me, but I quickly found a new love as it managed to ease the tension in my body, from surfing.

Surfing was a whole new world to me; it tested my patience, determination and motivation.  Literally, every single second I was on the board!  I was like a 17 stone gorilla flailing my arms around trying to keep my balance.  Of course, that was when I actually managed to stand on the board!  I just kept trying to get wave after wave and must have fallen off the board thousands of times.  I constantly questioned why I stayed in the water trying to master surfing, when I could have be lying on the beach chilling.  Some how I even managed to surf directly across one of the surf boards of the Xtreme retreat team – oops, sorry Charlie!  By the end of the week I was staying on the board and managing to turn left and right.  

For me (and my wife), this has been one of the most challenging, but also one of the best weeks of my life. 

Fancy a go?

Take a look at the Xtreme Retreats Webpage – the reviews speak for themselves.  Charlie, Toni and Tash – thank you for a simply OUTSTANDING week.  We are already looking at booking flights to Spain for another one!

It’s important to make decisions based on your dreams, rather than your fears.  Take chances, step outside of your boundaries, ignite your passions and expand your life.  One life, live it!



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