Why accountability is your most valuable strength


Accountability requires commitment, the ability to take responsibility and become answerable for your actions and choices.  It’s not about what you don’t do.  It’s about what you do!  Accountability teaches you to value the choices you make in life.  I firmly believe if you want to achieve your goals or aspirations in your personal or professional life, accountability is the key.   

There are 3 main areas in your life where you must hold yourself accountable; your choices and actions, your goals/dreams and your responsibilities.  Bad habits can settle in and go unchallenged if you allow them to, and let’s be honest most people will try to get away with doing less than what they are capable of.  If nobody sees or knows, then it really doesn’t matter, does it?  Daily accountability helps you take little steps towards that ultimate goal.  It keeps you motivated and inspired which ultimately helps you achieve your goal.

5 tips on how to hold yourself accountable

1.  Mindset.  Understand why accomplishing a certain goal is so important to you.  How will it improve your life?  What is your motivation for doing it?  If you really want to do something nothing will get in your way, no matter how difficult it gets.

2.  Track Progress.  Seeing personal progression is rewarding, we all like a pat on the back.  To move forward you need to understand the things that have worked and the things that haven’t.  Taking responsibility for your progression holds you accountable for your actions.

3.  Don’t make excuses.  If you take responsibility to become accountable for something and don’t follow it through, don’t look for others to blame.  Own up to yourself!  Life throws curve balls at us all the time and there will always be a good reason not to do something.  If this happens, remind yourself of your ultimate goal and the desire to achieve it.  Forget the excuses and focus on what you need to do, to move forward.

4.   Assess and readjust.  Remind yourself of what your goals are and assess to see if those goals need to be adjusted or redefined.  Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goals and what you will lose if you don’t succeed.  The fear of loss can often improve your motivation or desire to achieve your goal.

5.   Be consistent.  Obstacles will get in your way but taking the challenges head on and knowing success in anything, comes from making it a priority.  You have to make a conscious effort to better your life and make the changes required.  This can be far from easy, but if you accomplish something that you set out to do, it can be very rewarding.  Make accountability part of your daily routine, so it becomes second nature.

How can a Life Coach help with accountabiliy?

Are there certain key areas of your life that just feel stagnant?  Are you tired of repeatedly trying and failing to change them?  A Life Coach will help analyse where you are in life right now, understand where you want to be and empower you to create the steps to get you there.  I will provide accountability, guidance, support and help you stay focussed every step of the way.  

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