Take back control of your power


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘take back control of your power or regain your inner strength?”   

Sometimes situations, circumstances or even other people can dictate how you feel or how your day goes.  If you constantly allow this to happen you can find yourself in a downward spiral and before you know it you lose your personal power.  That ‘thing’ that makes you feel confident, fearless and strong.  

The power of thought, whether negative or positive is one of the most influential things we have in our armoury.  The negative aspect of losing your inner power can be utterly debilitating.  There are so many people out there who don’t understand how to harness their mental power and strength.  I was one of these people.

I can think of plenty of situations in my past where I’ve allowed my personal power to be drained and it’s not served me well.  One instance was during my Army career when a senior officer constantly tried to belittle me in front of others, for his own personal gain.  I stewed and stewed over it, again and again and again.  It caused my anxiety and adrenalin levels to rocket.  I couldn’t sleep thinking about it.  My wellbeing and mental health started to deteriorate quickly.  I could feel my stress levels going through the roof.  How he made me feel was making me angry and literally eating away at me.  Without knowing it, I was giving him control of my power.  His actions and words had a huge hold over me and I let them grip me in a negative way.  The crazy thing is, he said what he said and then just walked away, oblivious to the affect it was having on my physical and mental wellbeing.

Tips to help you keep control of your power

It’s taken a while, but with a lot of study and thought I now understand why I reacted the way I did.  Learning how to keep hold of your power and stay in control of your life in a positive way can be challenging, but it can be done with a little practise.  If I could turn back the clock to the situation I was in, knowing what I know now, this is how I would would deal with it:

– Understand that every single human being on this planet has an opinion.  By all means respect their opinion but you don’t have to believe in it or agree with it.

– Keeping calm when your under fire is a technique you need to be conscious of.  When you feel anger, rage or hurt and your adrenalin is beginning to increase, simply count to ten, breathe and walk away.

– When you think about a certain person and what they have done or not done and your anger levels start to rise, recognise that this is the point where you start to lose your power.  Stop these thoughts in their tracks and say “No”. 

– When someone says something hurtful to you or about you, simply agree with them.  Yes I know this may seem absolutely bonkers but watch their reaction.  It’s literally like putting water on their fire.  You then keep your power and you’re inadvertently telling them that you don’t care about their words and that they won’t hurt you.  At the end of the day that’s all they are, words.

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or even anger and feel that it’s taking over your life?  Maybe you need to reignite the power within you that has been dimmed or even switched off?  Perhaps you need to start to rebuild your mental strength and courage?  If so, get in contact and let’s work it out together.

Never let anyone’s words or actions drain your power.

Make the Change.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week, but NOW.



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