Debbie Johnson’s Life Coaching Journey


Debbie Johnson is 44 years old and leads a very hectic life as a full time working wife and mum of 2, whilst balancing her successful career as a travel consultant.  Her health and fitness took a hit due to her busy life, therefore exercise and nutrition were not high on her priority list.  During our initial consultation it became clear that she lacked motivation and self confidence.  Debbie told me that she had done diet after diet over the years which were initially successful, but after a few months she put the weight back on and craved the food she shouldn’t have been eating.  She realised that she needed a mindset change and decided to go ahead with a 12 week Life Coaching programme that focussed on her Motivation and Positivity, alongside a tailored and progressive fitness and nutrition programme.

During the programme I focussed on re-programming her motivation and self belief mindsets to allow her to understand what is required to remain fit, healthy and in great shape.  This would also help her to keep weight gain to a minimum, as she now understands what her body requires to function.

After improving her motivation, building her body strength and slimming down, Debbie ran her first ever 10k (non stop!) after 12 weeks.  Her confidence has gone through the roof and she now breathes a life full of positive mind chatter.  Debbie now looks at food differently and notices that she feels better and healthier when she eats certain foods.  She has lost a total of 27 inches from her body frame, which has drastically changed her body shape.

In Debbie’s words:

“I’ve focused more on myself over the last 12 weeks, sticking to my nutrition, exercise plan and the tasks that Chris, as my coach has given me.  I have also been much stricter with my working hours.  This has resulted in an overall feeling of calm and increased levels of patience with my family, which for me is priceless.  Basically, I feel bloody great and and I’ve had so many compliments over the last few weeks on my weight loss and the drastic change to my body shape.  I now want to take things to the next level and pursue more goals in my life, such as running a marathon.  I feel totally healthier from top to toe“.

As her Life Coach, I could not have asked for more focus and determination throughout her 12 week journey.  She has inspired so many other people along the way and should be extremely proud of how far she has come.

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