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Chris Hankinson is the Sales Director at AMG Sports-Play Ltd, based in Lincolnshire.  With a long and successful career in sales he is keen to develop his portfolio by building his managerial experience.  His ultimate aim is to become Managing Director of his own company.

Following a recommendation from a colleague and friend, he asked OAX Life Coaching to teach him the tools to become more effective in his personal and professional life. Focussing on increasing his productivity and improving his time management and adaptability were his priority.  Chris went through a 12 week programme which included business leadership and health and fitness coaching.  The ultimate aim was to improve his performance at work and his overall work-life balance.

Over the past 12 weeks he has made some remarkable changes in both his personal and professional life.  His organisational skills have been fine tuned to the point that he no longer takes any work stresses home with him.  This gives him more time and energy to focus on his important personal life.   His indecisiveness is a thing of the past and he has a more direct approach when faced with challenges. 

Whilst undergoing business coaching, Chris has also gone through a tailor made exercise and nutrition programme.  This has not only helped him shed excess pounds but has also greatly improved his all round health, fitness and toned physique.  Whilst on the health and fitness regime he admits that his Motivation, Confidence & Positivity have improved tenfold.

Chris has been a pleasure to work with over the last 12 weeks and the difference in his overall outlook on life, quite frankly makes me smile!

Motivation, Confidence, Positivity and improved Health & Fitness can be such powerful tools in the workplace, not just for the individual involved, but to all those who work and live around them.  Having a more dynamic and positive individual in any work environment can help improve morale and productivity in the workforce.  We all want to work for, or with these types of people.  

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