5 lessons to learn from challenges in life


Life has a funny way of throwing challenges at us whether we are expecting them or not.  There are times when things just go wrong and it’s difficult to adjust.  Even positive challenges can trigger distress or worry.  A challenge, whether it’s positive or negative can help improve your resilience and strength.  Learning from life’s challenges will help you deal with the next hurdle you face or how to react to a similar situation, in a different way.

My top 5 lessons to learn from challenges:

1.   Acceptance.  Accept that you can’t change the way some things are but you can change the way you look at them or react to them.  Getting through life’s challenges requires a lot of strength, both physical and mental but acceptance is key to this.

2.   You learn who matters and who doesn’t.  You find that lots of people are around when life is good, but the important ones are those who stay when life is tough.  Make a mental note of who is there when you need them, those who sacrifice their time for you and hold onto them.  These are your real friends, the others are just acquaintances.  Only true friends stick by you when life throws challenges at you.

3.   Find your courage.   Face the things you would rather avoid and try to keep moving forward, even when every part of your mind and body are screaming no.  If you allow yourself to stay stagnant, your situation will never ever change.  Find the courage to make the best out of a bad situation.

4.   Time heals.  Some challenges in life are not enjoyable, but the stress and hardship does eventually pass as time moves on.  Focus on finding a level of acceptance for the situation you are in and you will find that things begin to settle down.  The outcome is probably not what you imagined, but sometimes things can work out for the better.

5.   You will get through it.  Life’s challenges can make you feel at your absolute lowest and that you won’t get through whatever is going on in your life.  You can absolutely survive tough times because there is usually no other choice.  Accept the situation, move on and come out of it stronger and more resilient.  Stress and hard times make you stronger and there are always calm waters after a storm.

Use challenges in your life as a driver to make successful changes in yourself!  


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