Carl Gilbert’s Transformation – 2 Stone in 5 weeks!


Carl Gilbert is 44 years old and is the CEO of Arraquip Steel in Grantham.  Over the last few years the pressures of running his own company have impacted his physical and mental wellbeing.  After seeing the great success I’ve had with many other clients, Carl approached me for help.  After an initial consultation he decided to sign up for a 12 week Life Coaching programme, focussing on strategic organisation skills within the workplace and improving his health and fitness.

Carl has been 100% focussed and dedicated from the second he started.  We’ve just completed his review and his progress is outstanding.  In just 5 weeks he has lost an incredible 2 stone (minus 1lb!) and his BMI has reduced from 33.5 to 29.5.  Even more impressive is the increase in his physical strength:

Exercise 10 Jan 19 14 Feb 19
Full Press Ups 25 50
Tricep Dips 25 100
Half Sit Ups 25 60
Squats 100 260
Full Plank 1.45 Sec 2.36 Sec

In Carl’s words:

I must admit, I was nervous about starting my journey with Chris & kept putting off contacting him for around 6 months.  Since we started Chris has been incredibly supportive and positive with me.  I’ve never felt so good about myself and even my work environment has been less stressful and more enjoyable.  My noticeable weight loss is purely down to a healthy diet and a fantastic lifestyle improvement.  Key to this was the mindset change that Chris focussed on.  My fitness level has also improved massively through guidance and motivation from Chris.  I enjoy every single session, no matter how tough they are.  I’m so looking forward to being with Chris over the next six weeks to see how I can further improve my wellbeing and fitness.  Credit to Chris for his wealth of knowledge and great support.

The effects of coaching are not just noticed by the client.  Close family, friends and work colleagues can really spot the changes in an individual too.

Clare Gilbert (Carl’s wife):

WOW.What can I say.We have just been reading Carl’s stats.So so proud of him and what he’s achieved and like you say, he’s only half way through. He looks unbelievable.He’s stood here now in the kitchen (in his apron😂😂) and we’re all checking him out.I’ve never known him have thin arms.  His trousers look baggy on his bum.We’re going to Leeds in April for a couple of days so can’t wait to do lots of shopping.Hopefully he’ll enjoy trying clothes on for a change.Thank you Chris.A fantastic few weeks and a massive confidence boost for Carl. Long may it continue. 😊😊

Zoe (Arraquip Steel, Accounts Manager):

Myself and Dan over the last couple of weeks have definitely noticed that Carl has lost a significant amount of weight.  For a while now Carl has tried various different diets and exercise routines but has yet to achieve the results he wanted and expected, until now.  His commitment everyday to the exercise is paying off and you can tell that he really enjoys what he is doing and achieving.

Seeing somebody completely turn their lifestyle around is so rewarding as a Coach.  Carl’s work ethic and determination are simply outstanding.

I’m already looking forward to seeing his results at the 12 week point in the programme!

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