From stuck in a rut to taking to the stage – Read about Calli’s amazing journey.


In Mar 2018 whilst delivering Life Coaching sessions to a business in London, I met Calli Malpas.  At the time she was working as a Manager for an insurance company and spent her day sat at a desk constantly on the phone, making just enough to get by.  During our session she spoke very openly and admitted that although in general she enjoyed her job, she was no where near to fulfilling her dreams, aspirations or true potential in life.  She felt lost and in a situation that she just couldn’t see a way out of.  She spent every working day wishing and hoping that one day she could fulfil the goals she had always dreamed of.  During the session I worked with Calli to help her identify what her purpose in life was.  When I asked her what she wanted to do in life, she simply replied “sing”.  After that first hour with Call I discovered that she had performed at gigs off and on and that she was incredibly talented, but just didn’t believe in herself.

By simply saying out loud that she wanted to sing triggered a chain of events and the start of her amazing journey.  Over the following few months I worked with Calli to build her self belief and to have confidence in her own abilities.  She started to perform at more gigs and realised how happy singing actually made her.  Last week Calli submitted her resignation to pursue her dream to be a full time singer.  She has secured 127 gigs for 2019 and she will also be singing in a worldwide touring theatre show, as well as performing at other overseas functions.  AMAZING!

In Calli’s words

“Vocalising the problems that were holding me back from singing was the first step to make the changes required, in order to have a happier life.  At the time I didn’t realise but Chris asking my purpose in life was one of the most powerful questions I’ve ever been asked.  That first hour of coaching and the subsequent sessions completely changed my life.  If I’m honest I had a few months of real torment before I made the decision to hand my notice in and follow my dreams.  Once my confidence started to build, I knew I couldn’t ignore the situation and I had to take action to make my dreams a reality.  Last night I hit my first goal (handed my notice in) and since doing so, new doors have just continued opening for me!”

Studies have shown that up to 60% of us do not enjoy the work that we do.  That’s a pretty crazy percentage considering how short life is.  Our limiting beliefs stop so many of us from taking action to change our lives.

Finding and pinning down your true passion and purpose in life is really hard to do, but working with the right coach who will empower you to take action, can be extremely powerful and ultimately life changing.

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