Quit bad or unwanted habits using NLP techniques.


Do you have bad or unwanted habits such as biting your nails, overeating/unhealthy eating, smoking or excessive drinking?  Do you sometimes think that enough is enough and you need to do something about it?   As a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I can help you break those bad or unwanted habits. 

How NLP sessions helped Jack quit smoking:

“I’m a 27 year old man, who had smoked for 10+ years, averaging between 15 and 20 cigarettes per day.  I’d wanted to quit smoking for a few years and tried every method the NHS had to offer, but I just couldn’t shake the habit.  After a short period of success (up to a week), I’d end up with a fag in my hand. 

I approached Chris based on a recommendation from a friend who had given up smoking after a few NLP sessions with him.  During the sessions Chris had me in a state of relaxation and used questioning techniques to explore why I enjoyed cigarettes and how they made me feel.  We also looked at the situations/scenarios where I found myself lighting up, but ultimately wasn’t enjoying a cigarette.  He explored the possibility that I was having a cigarette for the sake of it.  I already knew I was doing this but he put it to me in black and white.  Chris was very direct, but sincere with it.  He started to replace my positive feelings towards smoking to negative ones. 

I didn’t instantly stop smoking after the NLP sessions with Chris, but I couldn’t get the negative thoughts out of my head.  These negative thoughts towards smoking started to increase day by day.  I gradually realised it was time to knock smoking on the head.  4 months on and I still haven’t had a cigarette.  Most importantly I haven’t even had the desire to have one.  I can now say that they are a thing of the past.  No more coughing, spluttering or wasting time and money on a bad habit that was actually damaging my health.  Massive thanks Chris – The best investment I have ever made”.

If you are committed to a positive change in your life, you CAN learn how to break bad or unwanted habits.  Just a couple of NLP sessions can help re-programme your mind to associate a bad or unwanted habit with negative thoughts.

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