The Forest People


Whilst out walking the other morning, I couldn’t help but notice the trees in the forest all around me.  Now, admittedly, I was having a deep philosophical moment, but I could clearly see the relativity between the trees and us as human beings.

Just like the trees, we stand proud and strong, allowing our roots to take hold, in order to make our foundations more secure.  We continuously strive to make our lives bigger, better and happier.

Like the leaves on those trees, we are all competing for a better life, competing for sunlight, as a fuel for life, just like the trees do (photosynthesis for the boffins and geeks out there).

However, there were a number of trees in that forest that weren’t doing so well.  They were either struggling with infections or their trunks and branches were being restricted by unwanted growth all over them.  A number of the younger trees had even lost their battle to survive and had fallen to the forest floor.

Human beings on this earth aren’t really that different.  They invariably, at some point or another, come across challenging episodes in their lifetime.  This could be down to either poor health or psychological stresses, but the common factor is, that they need a little help.

In parallel, a life coach is just like a forestry maintenance worker, they assist and strive to help the individual person or tree to achieve their full potential.

This is where a personal ‘Life Coach’ comes into full effect.  Just like a tree surgeon who looks after the trees in the forest.

“To not think you need assistance is to have a societal ego.  To seek assistance is to show an intelligent strength”

“Good luck growing guys”

Chris👍😎 Oax Life Coaching

(THRIVING Forest Pics x 2 attached)

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