Stuck, stagnant or bored in life?


Even if your life looks perfect on paper, it’s easy to be secretly bored with it.  It’s quite common to create a life that looks good on the outside and try to be what other people want, or expect you to be.  However, admitting to yourself that you’re bored or that something isn’t working means making changes.  It means accepting responsibility.  Most people don’t like change, so would rather stay in an unhappy situation.

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

1.   Are you stuck in a routine?

2.   Do you live within your comfort zone?

3.   Are you bored with your personal life?

4.   Does your job or career align with your dreams?

5.   Is your relationship fulfilling your needs?

If the answers to these questions mean that you need to make some changes in your life then start NOW.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, NOW.

What can you do to get yourself out of the rut?

1.  Slow down.  If you have a busy life it’s easy to go through your days trying to seem important, rather than identifying what’s important to you.  However, try not to make rash decisions.  Take time to work out what choices you need to make.

2.  Discover yourself.  Be curious about who you are and what your limits are.  You can’t discover your passion overnight, it’s something you need to explore and that may take time.  Your passion should be something that excites you and challenges you at the same time.  Discover who you are and what you really want, then build your world around those desires.

3.  Shake up your routine.  Doing the same thing day in day out with the same people can make you bored and stagnant.  Start by changing simple things around you, like eating something different for breakfast, getting away from your desk at lunchtime, talking to people at work who you normally wouldn’t or do something different on an evening. 

4.  Try one new thing each week.  Don’t keep doing the same old things, mix it up, make life interesting.  If you feel unsure about trying something new, start small, but start.  It could be anything from reading a different type of book to trying new food.  Small changes can add up and make life more exciting.

5.  Take on a new challenge.  It’s natural to get into your comfort zone.  Some people will never leave.  Don’t be that person.  Be strong and face your fears, you will have no choice but to overcome them.   I can guarantee you will feel empowered and better inside for challenging yourself.

6.  Do what you want to do.  This is your life and you should choose what to do with it.  Don’t let anybody dictate this to you or let negative thoughts of others influence your choices and beliefs.  Choose to spend your time working towards your dreams, not somebody else’s.

Things won’t get better unless you make them better.  Make a pact with yourself today to do something that will get you out of your routine.  Make boredom a thing of the past.

Live a life that is a little less ordinary.

Make the Change.


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