My Life Coaching Journey – Kirsty Whawell


I was recommended Oax Life Coaching in the summer and I had an introductory telephone call with Chris, where we discussed the ins and outs of life coaching and what I felt I needed help with. Over the summer, work was incredibly hectic as I felt that I was juggling 3 roles. My brain felt like it was in a fog. I felt that I wasn’t remembering details because I was tired and struggling with the demand put on me. Nothing was clear, tasks at work took me longer than normal and I don’t think I was functioning very well at all. This had a detrimental affect on my health and fitness as workouts in the gym were compromised, because I felt so stretched. I did not feel motivated and didn’t feel like I was doing a good job in anything I did.

I first met with Chris on 31st October and discussed my job and life outside of work. My job can be hectic, I lead a team of 34 in primary care, running a busy Doctors surgery. We are also merging with our neighbouring practice so I have a small management role with them and have been leading the merge project. Chris was patient, he listened to me and asked thought provoking questions which established several areas that I needed help with.  My journey to meet Chris is about 50 minutes. The time before and after our session in the car is incredibly beneficial and I am grateful for that quiet time. It allows me to digest, think and to reflect before going back to work, which is very important.

Over the coming sessions we developed the areas that I needed help with and throughout Chris has given me fantastic advice.  He also taught me really useful tools to improve and deal with the issues I had. During the sessions we have also gone into other areas that have arose and it’s made me really reflect on my life.  Life coaching has encouraged me to make myself a priority, which is something that has been lacking for a long time. 

It’s very difficult to put into words the positive effect life coaching with Chris has had on me so far. I feel motivated to do every task at work to the best of my ability, to lead a great team, to develop staff and to improve processes. My brain feels clear and I feel razor sharp when making decisions. I am remembering details that I wasn’t over the summer and I have clarity in what I am doing and in the path I want for my life. My confidence in my ability to manage at work has soared and I feel able to complete work I haven’t done before and to take on new challenges, both professionally and personally.

I can’t quite believe the effect that just a few hours of someone asking the right questions, talking, listening, working etc can actually have, but I am testament to the fact that it has has made a huge difference to my life. 

Chris has also helped with me with my health and fitness.  He has made me think differently and also realise that the healthier and fitter I am, the better I will be professionally, as the two are inextricably linked. Again I have so much more clarity with what I need to do and I am learning that the biggest benefit is to put myself first and not let work impact my planned gym sessions.

2019 brings a whole new professional challenge for me. I have the privilege of leading a larger team of 80 plus staff and I now feel like I am developing the skills to be able to lead a larger organisation with precision, clarity and confidence. I will continue to work with Chris as I really feel that regular sessions will help with the transition and enable me to develop my leadership skills which in time will also help my staff. 

If anyone is hesitating or wondering if Chris can help, get in touch. I guarantee that he can help you. Having a coach is not anything to be ashamed about. Many successful people have teams of people around them and are more successful as a result. Build your tribe and make sure you include Chris as your coach, you won’t regret it!  It will open up your world to one that is full of possibilities and give you the confidence and will inspire you to make these possibilities become a reality. 

Kirsty Whawell December 2018

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