The difference between can’t and won’t


The fact is that within you, there is enormous potential for success and happiness.  The only thing keeping you from achieving it, is you.  Some of my clients use the ‘can’t’ word a lot.  I ask them if they are happy to settle for less in life, because that is what they are effectively doing.

My interpretation of can’t and won’t is:

1.   Can’t – you lack the skills to do something.

2.   Won’t – you lack the will to do something.

It’s fine to not ‘want’ to do something, but it’s important to acknowledge that you could do it, if you wanted to.  In my opinion there are 2 reasons why people say to me, ‘I can’t’:

1.   Fear – You shouldn’t be scared of failing, it’s part of life.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.  If you don’t try something, you will always wonder, what if?  Fear will hold you back from achieving those life goals and dreams.

2.   Laziness – Harsh you may think, but unfortunately very true.  So many people are just happy to sit back and and do nothing, or let others do the work for them.  Basically they ‘won’t’ do something, if effort is required.  These type of people will substitute ‘won’t’ for ‘can’t’ and believe that they shouldn’t be expected to do it.

Do any of the following ring true:

1.   I can’t apply for that job/promotion.

2.   I can’t lose weight.

3.   I can’t quit smoking.

You CAN do these things, if you want to.  Go out and get the qualifications you need for the job or promotion.  Eat less, exercise more and you will lose weight.  Of course you can give up smoking, if you really want to.

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.  More importantly never ever tell it to yourself.

Take responsibility for your actions and you will succeed.  Don’t make excuses – lazy people make excuses.

Make the Change!


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