Be grateful for what you have!


My childhood taught me to realise how lucky I actually am. I grew up with a mum working all the hours she could, just to put food on the table. I rarely saw her and often spent Christmas Day with my sister, or on my own. We didn’t get piles of presents or the latest clothes/toys on the TV because she simply didn’t have the money. To avoid or hide the disappointment of not getting something I really wanted, I would go fishing. I knew that on Christmas Day the lake would be completely mine to fish. This may seem a little sad but to me it was an adventure, one I firmly believe shaped the person I have become.

Christmas these days seems to be all about how much money is spent and people posting on social media about what gifts they get. It’s easy to forget that it can be a very difficult time for those who don’t have the money to celebrate, or buy gifts the way others do.

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at what you have is just what you need. If I had sat at home on Christmas Day and complained about what I didn’t have I would never have got the opportunity to fish a lake with nobody else around. The more we sit and complain, the more opportunities we miss.

Being more grateful in life allows you to be happier, more content and satisfied with everything that is going on around you. Don’t just go through the motions of doing something because you have to. Make an effort to savour any experience that is thrown your way. It’s easy to compare yourself to others but resist that temptation. There will always be somebody who is more successful or attractive than you. Always remember that comparison will just make you feel rubbish. Accept that everybody is different and be grateful for that.

Take a moment during the Christmas festivities to look around and mentally make a note of what you are grateful for. I think you will be surprised to find it’s probably the very simple things that make you grateful and ultimately happy.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

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