Are you wary of seeking help from a Life Coach?


No matter what you have or how you look at it, life can be hard.  There is pressure and expectation all around us and sometimes it can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.   Many people seek the assistance from a Life Coach as they reach a critical point or experience a traumatic event in their personal or professional lives that requires help, to define a way forward.  Most want to simply get more out of their lives, face their fears, be happier in life, or work towards those aims and goals that reflect their dreams, but are just unsure how to do it.

There are also a lot of people who are wary of seeking help from a Life Coach.  Perhaps it’s the unknown, or the stigma attached to it?

Reasons why people don’t seek help from a Life Coach:

1.   The fear that you or others think that you are weak for seeking help from another, so you put it off, in order to avoid ridicule or negative comments from your friends or family.

2.   Your own ego is telling you that you don’t need help or guidance.  That pessimistic voice on your shoulder, basically telling you to, ‘man up, get on with it’, or you push through, in the hope that the problem just goes away.

3.   You face each day and all the things that are thrown at you, not realising that you are constantly putting the problem off.  Ultimately, this compounds the issue and can result in severe unhappiness, suffering and stress.

4.   Day to day life distracts you from seeking help.  Family and work priorities take over and you put everyone else first, forgetting about yourself.

5.   Lack of courage or motivation to chase your life aims, goals and dreams, so why bother getting help.  Its pointless, isn’t it?

6.   Trudging along thinking the problem will just go away and that things will hopefully get better if you ignore them.

7.   You lack the confidence or self esteem to face your fears and the thought of sharing your deepest thoughts and aspirations with somebody you don’t know, quite frankly terrifies you.

Life Coaches have no agenda, they simply listen deeply and empower you to realise your true potential.  They have great intuition and will ask you a series of questions that will identify your fears.  A Life Coach will offer sound proven techniques that allow you to identify any underlying issues, that may be holding you back.  More importantly, they will give you the tools in order to help you make those huge decisions and will guide you to implement the changes that are needed, in order to live a fulfilled and happier life.

Food for thought?


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