tribe-loading Via Ferrata
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Oax Life Coaching is offering clients an opportunity to experience an amazing, challenging and awe inspiring adventure.  Located across the Otztal mountain range in the Austrian Alps, Via Ferrata is a series of wire bolted and steel cabled pathways, that were used by troops in the Second World War.  The area is well known for its outstanding scenery and beauty and this is a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal to the mountains and rocks.

Designed for both the novice and expert mountaineer, it tests and improves an individuals motivation, confidence and positivity.  It will push you out of your comfort zone, develop your inner strengths and leave you with a huge sense of achievement, that you will truly never forget.

The Oax Life Coaching Team will also work on areas such as team building, problem solving, keeping calm under pressure, life saving skills and much more.

Register your interest now email!  Further details and cost will follow shortly.


POSTER Via Ferrata